The Mighty Mole has not been seen for over a year! It has been hiding in the minds of the Chemistry 12 students, who have been using it in every unit and every test, not realizing how this powerful idea has seeped into their conciousness. Now a new group of worthy youngsters have been initiated into the Mighty Mole's fan club.

But wait! Do these youngsters really appreciate the brilliance and power of the Mole? Mrs S is not so sure. Convince her that you do understand the Mole and how it works.

As our story begins, some Chemistry 12 students are recalling the tough time they had with the Mighty mole and how it almost left our planet for good, taking all its superpowers with it...

Katelyn, Day 2 Period 2: It had been one of the toughest units for them to master - some of them were still confused and even frustrated with the Mighty Mole! Although it's power is great, it is also complex and so not easily understood.

Shuli 2-3:To have a better understanding of the mole, we first have to look back at its history and the meaning of the word "mole". Scientists gave a name to the number of atoms in the atomic mass of any elements expressed in grams; it's the mole.

Sehra, Day 2 Period 2: According to the History, the mole was born at 6:02 am, October 23th. Along with the history, it also mentioned that when the Mighty Mole was born, a massive explosion happened in the science world and Carbon got out of it's place, after that... Every atom in a mole weights 6.02x10^23 grams/mol.

Lily Chen, 2-3: To convert from moles to item we have to multiply by 6.02x10^23 items divide by 1 mole. To convert from items to moles we have to multiply 1 mole divide by 6.02x10^23 items.

Thomas 2-3:It was 6:02 am, October 23rd, 2011 when Science World blew up. The mole had returned and it was furious.It decided to use its superpowers to build a massive army to wage war on Ms. Sonachansingh's class!! It began by zapping 18g of water which transformed into 6.02x10^23 mole minions!!

Hannah Xiao 2-1: The 18g of water turned into 1 mole minions which the crazy scientist Avegadro then transformed into 6.02x10^23 particle minions within a matter of 3 microseconds! The army marched towards the school and they arrived there at 6:02am on October 23rd!

(David Tran, Day 2 Period 2)
The mole decided to awaken and wage war because the students of Ms Sonachansingh's class were ignorant of the usefulness of the power of mole. They must find the Seal of Avogadro's number in order to stop the army because sheer force is not enough to stop an army of 6.02x10^23 moles. They must first find clues to the Seal of Avogadro's Number. Ms Sonachansingh has vanished but left a clue. The Molar Mass of NH3, where g/mol is kilometers. The students found out the mass was 17.0g/mol so and converted it to 17.0km to the north.

(Dennis Trang, Day 2 Period 2)
While the war is still waging the persistent students travel the 17km's north. There the students saw a sign. This sign may be the answer to sealing the Avogadro's number and stopping the war. The students noticed a river and realized that its molar mass of H2O is 18.02g/mol. With the river flowing towards the east this had to mean 18km's to the east.

(Alex Lee, Day 2, Period 1)
As the student finished walking 18km to the east, they saw an enormous gate made out of pure lithium. Right in front of the gate was a mysterious man, who was wearing a cloak. The students sensed a dark aura surrounding him. "Who are you?" asked one of the students. "I am the guardian of the first gate. You'll have to pass my test in order to resume your journey to finding the Seal of Avogadro's Number. Shall we begin the test? How many moles are in 15 grams of Lithium?" A clueless expression struck all the student's faces. All but the class nerd. He stepped up and said to the guardian, "Well the molar mass for Lithium is 6.94 grams so you divide 15 grams by the molar mass of Lithium which will give you 2.16 moles." The gates suddenly opened as it shook the ground. "Well done," said the first guardian, "You may proceed to the next gate."

(Linda YT Huang, Day 2 Period 3)
As the student naively ran towards the next gate, he sprung a trap! Vicious, flesh eating atoms were unleashed, snarling maliciously, and slowly closing in on the student. The only known way to defeat these war created abominations was to shout out their molar mass, which would in turn cause their self destruction. The five beasts merged to form CH4 as they closed in on their victim. Moments before the student's demise, he screamed, "16.0g/mol!"

(Ryan Lou, Day 2 Period 4)
Several hours later, the student arrived at the next gate, panting in distress. His task was to find the number of molecules in 25 grams Silver Nitrate. He thought, The molar mass of Silver Nitrate was 169.9g/mol, so he divided 25 grams by 169.9 and he got 0.15 moles. He then multiplied that by Avogadro's number, 6.02x10^23 and he got 9.03x10^22 molecules. The guardian said "Excellent!", and he hurried past the gates that opened before him.

(Andy Tsuei, Day 2 Period 4)
The student ran eagerly toward the next gate; suddenly, the student ran right into the gate that is made out of glass. "Ouch" the student shouted. The guardian laughed at him, and he said: "tricking people around is fun"! The student showed displeasure on his face, but he needed to pass the gates quickly. He asked:"So what is your test"? The guardian smirked and said:" I need you to find the number of atoms in 53.5 grams of NH4Cl. The student thought it's a simple question, so he calculated the molar mass first, he got 53.5grams, then he divided total mass by molar mass (53.5/53.5). The student got 1 mole and multiplied it by Avogadro's Number, when the student was about to say "IT HAS 6.02X10^23 ATOMS", he stopped for a second and thought:"Ammonium chloride is NOT an atom, it is a MOLECULE"!!! Hence, the student calculated the number of atoms in NH4Cl, it is 6; and he multiplied 1 mole by 6 atoms, so that molecule has 6 moles. Finally, he multiplied 6 moles by Avogadro's number, THE ANSWER IS 3.61X10^24 ATOMS! The student looked happy, but the guardian looked a bit furious. "Darn it, I failed to trick you"! The guardian said it in a frustrated voice, the guardian was disappointed that he failed to trick the student, but then he shouted: "NO, I DO NOT ACCEPT THE DEFEAT, IN ORDER TO PASS THE GATE, YOU HAVE TO ANSWER THE SECOND QUESTION". The student gazed at the guardian, and said:"bring it on".

(Ming Shi , Day 2 Period 2)
The guardian smiles evilly and issues the question to the student,"How many particales are there in 2 mole of oxygen? I bet you have no idea with those amazingly giant numbers. And you only have 2 minutes to answer the question this time. Tick Tock." The student does not get panic by this question, even the answer would be a big number. The studenttake out his weapon gently with fully confidence from his hip pocket -- A calculator made by CASIO ! The calculator is gilttering under the sunshine.The guardian gets shocked by the student's fancy weapon. The students punch in the numbers quickly,"All we need to do is just punch in the numbers and press the equal button,this is how smart guys work out tough questions. Appently, the answer is 12.0000000000000000000000." The guadian is amazd by the accuracy of the student's weapon and opens the gate that is point directly to a creepy,narrow road,"Be careful, kid, you will meet alot of danger in that dark road."

Sehra, Day 2 Period 2
The student followed the dark narrowed road, all of sudden, he feels an earthquake! Roads has been broken down into even smaller roads, the student looked down and saw a face of a spider, he screamed from the bottom of his heart and ran straight forward. As he runs, he realize there is signs on the ground, they look really familiar... Then, another earthquake! Portals on the right have appeared with name of "Mass" and left with "Particles", he is stepping on the "MOLE". He have to get out of here, he know he is being trapped! Something just hit his mind! The signs! The fastest way to get to Mass from MOLE would be multiple his own weight! He then ran to the X point of the road, a new road had appeared, towards the mass... He walked towards it.. Without thinking that something might be waiting for him at the MASS portal...

(Monica Lai, Day 2 Period 3)
Then he broke into run, but as he finally reached it he felt that the portal was anything but that as he felt every inch of his face collide with metal. Suddenly the road between him and the way back to the “MOLE” exploded, as was the same for the road between “MOLE” to “Particles” and a voice from below laughed “Don’t you know that left is always the right way? To bridge back to where you once came, calculate the number of particles in 123g.” To bridge himself from “MASS” to "Particles" would be no easy task. I23g of what? Of himself? But then he’d have to change his own mass to moles by dividing by the molar mass of who knows what molecules and atoms made up his being! He cursed himself for not taking AP Biology. But thank goodness he had the right mind to pay attention in chemistry class as he heard an eerie voice within his subconscious mind whisper make good observations. That’s when he noticed that the signs could actually be referring to the one thing and only identifiable thing in the darkness—the road. He had to identify what the road was made of! Whipping out his notepad, he noted “solid, metallic, …brown?” but with so little light, he could barely see himself, let alone tell much about the road. Suddenly there was another explosion! A fire had started from somewhere to the right of him, and that was all he needed. The road wasn’t brown! It had characteristic reddish-gold colour which in fire, luminated a green flame. It was copper, and as luck would have it, he had chosen copper as his LID chemical, thus he knew everything about it by heart. And so, by taking 123g of Cu, divided by its molar mass (63.55g/mol), mulitiplied by Avodagro’s number (6.02x10^23), this gave him 1.16x10^24 atoms. He blindly called out his answer as he hoped for the best.

Catherine Yang, Day 2 Period 2
The answer was right. Suddenly, there was a giant bird flew through the thick grey clouds. Oh, that is Angry Bird! Its speed was
incredibly fast, too fast to escape from it. Mike was caught. Angry bird grasped his collar and flew through the dark forest to the edge of it. On the edge, there are 3 different boxes on 3 arm chairs. Angry Bird said: " Open the correct box or you will be swallowed by the Mighty Mole." At the same time, it throw Mike on the ground and flew away. Mike is painful. However, he had to endure the pain to continue his mission. Mike walked to the chairs, he noticed that there were words on each of the boxes. The first box wrote" 2 mol". The second box wrote"6.02 mol". The third one wrote"1 mol". Mike realised, this was a multiple choice. He loved multiple choice. But where is the question? He looked around to see if there were any paper. However, all he saw were the trees with some bird nests and the cliff right behind the arm chairs. Mike is frustrated. He didn't know what to do. Suddenly, something came to his mind: if the Angry Bird brought him to here, would the question hidden in something related to the birds? Ah, that is the nest! Even though Mike is not so sure, he was still very exciting to check out the bird nests. Mike was right again. There were a brownish paper at the bottom of the nest. On the paper, it wrote" Find the number of moles if there are 7.25x10^24 atoms of H in H2O" This is a trickier question as there were 2 H atoms in one H2O molecule. Mike needed to think a bit. After a minute. This is the formula he finally got: (7.25x10^24 atom) x (1 molecule/ 2 atom) x (1 mol/ 6.02x10^23 molecule). Fortunately, his Powerful CASIO calculator still in his pocket. So he pluged the numbers in the calculator. The answer was 6.02. Mike confindently walk to the second box which wrote"6.02" on it and carefully opened it. Bunddles of light shoot out from the box. The light is so strong that Mike cannot even open his eyes.

Lisa Cheung, Day 2 period 1
Finally, Mike's eyes got used to the bright neon light and reached his hand into the box and felt this mysterious little object. He took it out and found that it was a golden ring. On the ring, it had the word "MOL" engraved on it. As he slowly brought it up to his eyes, it shook and moved vigorously. MOL is the unit symbol in the international system of units. He wore the ring in his middle finger and clenched a fist into the sky. At this moment, a great wind blew past him while the clouds turned grey with thunder and lighting. This powerful "MOL" ring was actually a symbol and unit to call all the superheroes from all over the world to gather in one place...

Hannah Xiao 2-1: The MOL superheros gathered. Mike, Oliver, and Louis were the mole heros from all over the world! They decided that they would defend the knowledge of the mole so the entire world would know about it. MOL finally decided that they would meet again when the entire population know that 54g of H20 was equal to 3mol which was equal to 18.06x10^23 particles. It would be know that to get moles you divide mass by molar mass, to get particles you multiply the moles by avegadro's number which is 6.02x10^23!

(Jason Huang, Day 2 Period 2) ... time to spoil this Disney Fairytale...
Screw the suspense for now. Out of curiosity, the student decides to pick another box, the one inscribed with 1 mol. Another flash of light blinds the student. As the iridescent light slowly seceded, in its place came an eerie dissonance of sound that pierced his ears. It wasn’t the sound of a triumphant victory over the evil of the mighty mole, but the resonance of a long forgotten box opening for the first time in well, a very long time. To the student’s dismay, the box was empty, but it was a given, since this wasn’t the box inscribed with the answer. But as the student brushed aside the dust clinging to bottom of the box, he uncovered a few hastily scribbles. The students carefully peered into the cardboard and analyzed the words, “The cake is a lie” – Avocado Avogadro. Hopelessness fell over the student and he suddenly felt very tired, from the fatigue and the realization of the message. The journey to uncover the Seal of Avogadro was embarked upon by the 120 students in Ms Sonachansingh’s Chemistry 11 class, yet he was the only one remaining. Time after time, he faced the challenges of the gatekeepers, the guardians, the talking roads and now, of the Angry Bird. The student threw his new found “mol” ring, his CASIO calculator and the third box into the nearest tree. He didn’t care what was in the last box or what the ring was going to be used for. All he knew was that the Seal of Avogadro didn’t exist, but was the threat of the mighty mole real? What was the purpose of this quest that cost the lives of my classmates? The Seal of the Avogadro was to motivate me to do what? The student didn’t care about anything anymore. If his curiosity hadn’t betrayed his common sense this time, who knows how long he would have been played for a fool. The student lay onto the ground, and watched the clouds in the sky. Equations and numbers seeped out of his head and danced into the starry night sky. He knew he has physically reached his limit. How was I supposed to calculate the number of particles again given the mass of an element again? 6.02 x 10^23 / mass? No… that makes no sense… it was mass x 1mol/molar mass x 6.02 x10^23/1mol. That seemed about right… or was Avogadro’s number 3.14 x 10^23/ or to the power of 22? No.. I must be delusional... my head hurts and my eyelid feels too heavy… The student, Mike, didn’t want to continue this game anymore, being a pawn in a theoretical chessboard. He closed his eyes as the world around him began to spin, unbeknownst that when he wakes up from his little reprieve, after a second… or a minute… or a day… or an eternity, the forest landscape around him has changed...

(Andy Lau, Day 2 Period 4)
The forest landscape was overwhelmed by darkness. "30 more minutes," a voice shriek. Mike shot up from his seat. Around him, his classmates and Ms. Sonachansingh had their eyes fixed on him. He was writing a test! From his dream, he recalls various conversions he did using moles. He glanced down on his test; a spider web was doodled at the top. A spider web on a chem test? Mike was baffled by how this has to relate to moles and conversions. Eight sides to a web... eight mole conversion ratios? Mike could only make out 4 sides: mass to mole (divide molar mass), mole to mass (multiply molar mass), particles to mole (divide 6.02x10^23), and moles to particles (multiply 6.02x10^23). From the web he finally understands why converting directly from mass to particles is impossible, one must convert into moles first. However, the other half of the web is still unknown to Mike. Regardless, he continued on with his test, but the thought of the incomplete web irritated him. The questions on the test seemed much more challenging than the ones the guardians bombarded him with. Maybe, if he falls back to sleep he could remember how to efficiently calculate the conversions. The dingy classroom fulfilled an ideal sleeping environment. Mike's eyelids felt heavier and heavier...

(Jason Huang, Day 2 Period 2)
Hovering between reality and the dream state, Mike was delusional. In the approaching darkness, numbers materialized and danced around his head. A balanced chemical equation? The equation faded into the oncoming gloom. Abruptly, Mike was stuck by some insight. That equation was familiar to him, but he couldn't place it. It was a question found on his chemistry test! The one that the spider web chart couldn’t help him to solve. The equation reappeared, but this time it was different; the coefficients were flashing. He remembered that the test question asked for how moles were related to a balanced chemical equation. In this half dream state, everything became clear to Mike. With his drowsiness gone, he reminisced that the coefficients indicate the number of moles of the reactant that react to form the number of moles in the product. As if the equation could read his mind and nod in approval, it vanished, leaving Mike in a state of utter darkness, except for an oncoming white light... When he awakens, would he be back in the chemistry classroom writing the test? Or would he awaken back into the forest, to continue his maybe meaningless quest to find the Seal of Avogadro? Hmm… maybe he might awaken back into reality, far away from his dream of writing a test, dozing off during the exam and dreaming inside his dream that he could save the world….?

(Peter Truong, Day 2 Period 3)

Imprisoned in this shadow realm, walking towards the white enigmatic portal seemed logical. As he ambulated towards the mysterious dimension, a pokèmon in the name of Diglett appeared to barricade the path.
" In the name of Diglett, it is my duty to ensure that no one whom is not worthy shall pass. If you would like to enter the world known as reality, I'm afraid I'll have to test your knowledge. If you disagree or if you fail this small examination you will be condemned and be compelled to remain in this shadow realm," explained Diglett.
With no other possibilities, I squeezed my fists, gritted my teeth and nodded in agreement. This mysterious figure burrowed into the vast darkness where he later reappeared. He handed me a piece of paper equipped with a retro pencil.
" This examination consists of one AND only one question. I need you to find the mass of 0.10 mole of CALCIUM OXIDE. Subsequently calculate the number of PARTICLES in the sample," smiled Diglett.
I grasped the unholy pencil which was capable of ejecting me out of this shadow realm and into reality. I focused each and every brain cell confined in my head towards remembering all the steps to convert these measurements. I began scribbling away when finally I had began to make progress. I commenced by calculating the molar mass of CaO which equaled to 56.1 g/mol. Next I cross multiplied 0.1 mol with 56.1 g/mol / 1 mol which gave me a product of 5.61g. Proceeding with this mundane task, I doodled the information regarding the mol and Avogadro onto the piece of paper. Eventually I came up with the following: I cross multiplied the mass (5.61g) by 1 mol/ 56.1 g by 6.02 x 10^23/ 1mol which gave me a product of 6.02 x 10^22 particles. Feeling confident, I prayed to the gods and asked for their assistance to aid with my escape from this alluring darkness. I submitted my answers to Diglett, and he said.........

David Tan D2-P4

"Good, good, now do my shopping." "I want you to buy 3 moles of lead!" said Diglet. Mikey went to the nearest supermarket which convienently sold lead in 0.1 gram pieces. Michaelangelo knew from his trusty periodic table that the molar mass of lead was 207.2 g/mol. To find the mass of 3 moles, Mickey would have to multiply 207.2 g / mol by 3 mol which cancels out the mol leaving 621.6 g. 621.6g divided by 0.1g/piece was equal to 6216. Now Mick would have to carry all 6216 pieces back to the Duglett. He decided to run away instead.

(Alex Lee, Day 2 Period 1)
Mike ran as far as his legs could take him. He decided to stop for a break and sat on an unusual coloured rock. As he was trying to catch breath, he felt a sudden shake from the ground. But wait, he noticed that the shake wasn't from the ground but from the strange rock he was sitting on. However, it wasn't shaking, but sinking! Mike furiously struggled to get off the rock but he couldn't, as if someone glued him to it. As he was sinking to the ground, Diglett suddenly popped up from the ground in front of him. "Thought you can escape from me, eh?" said Diglett. "Please, just give me one more chance! I beg you! I have to do a chemistry test!" screamed Mike. "One more chance?" laughed Diglett, "Okay then. I'll give you one more chance since seeing you struggle amuses me. I will allow you escape from this situation if you answer one question." Mike already sank down to his neck. "Okay, just hurry and tell me! I don't have much time left!" begged Mike. "Inside the rock, there is exactly 5.0 grams of Sodium Chloride. Find the number of ions. Good luck. Like you said, you don't have much time left," chuckled Diglett." Mike closed his eyes and started to process the question. He had to convert all his knowledge of moles that he learned in class to escape. He knew how to do a question like this but he just can't remember the molar mass of Sodium Chloride. He started to panic as the ground reached his chin. He thought he was doomed but suddenly, he remembered Ms. Sonachansingh going over a question exactly like this in class. He remembers her saying, "Okay class, to solve this question, you first have to find the molar mass of Sodium Chloride. To find the molar mass, you take the mass of Sodium, which is 22.99g and the mass of chlorine, which is 35.45g, and them together, which gives you 58.44g.Then you divide 5.0g by 58.44 and then multiply by Avogradro's number, which is 6.02x10^23 and multiply by the number of ions, which is 2, which gives you the final answer of..." He opened his eyes and screamed, "1.0x10^23 IONS." Then he slowly started to rise up from the ground. He gave out a relieved sigh. Then he remembered Diglett was right in front of him. He was furious that the little monster was playing with him. He yelled out a battle cry and pounced at it.

(Jason Huang Day 2 Period 2)
All of his rage and pent up anger was directed towards the Diglett. He was still infuriated by his dream quest to find the Seal of Avogadro, and now this Pokémon pushed him past his limit of sanity. Deep down inside, clockworks spun meticulously and something inside of him clicked. He went Super Saiyan. He wasn’t an adventurer who took an arrow to the knee anymore, a mundane chemistry student nor Michelangelo the Mutant Ninja Turtle, he felt fabulous! He went through a transformation that turned his hair blonde and his eyes green and made his power level over 9000! He put his multiplied power to use as he smashed that Diglett. All of the desolation and rage from learning the mole was put behind his kamahamaha. He despised the mole and all it has put him through. In a split second, he reminisces when he first learned the mole, the misery and anguish that he put himself through to remember those numbers and equation. That memory… he laughed at how useless and futile his efforts have been all this time. He didn’t need to understand the mole anymore. Frankly, he didn’t care about it or his chemistry test anymore. That memory tapped into a hidden energy well deep down inside, and with it, he continued his pounce and unleashed his battle cry: “"I am the hope of the universe. I am the answer to all living things that cry out for peace. I am protector of the innocent. I am the light in the darkness. I am truth. Ally to good! Nightmare to you!" - Goku as a Super Saiyan. As his rage started to secede, he realized wasn’t imprisoned in the Shadow Realm anymore, and the figure in front of him wasn’t the Diglett. It was Ms. Sonachansingh (no malicious intent implied) . He wasn’t alone too, twenty-nine pairs of eyes were staring at him. Some showed facial expressions marked with shock, but the majority couldn't hide their glee. Slowly, he backed away and crumpled into a fetal position on the ground, leaving the rest of the students to ponder over what his next move would be…
Meanwhile, watching the events unravel from afar, the mighty mole decides to show the student, Mike, that the mol is not some useless formula and numbers he should regurgitate after learning... but first he has to convince him that it's on his side, which may seem to be a very difficult task...

(Jacob Ma Day 2 Period 4)
"That's quite enough, young man," scolded Ms.Sonachansingh, "I will not tolerate this sort of violent, teacher discriminating behavior from my Chemistry students! I am taking away your test and you are getting a zero." "NOOOOOO!" cried Mike, who is now anguished that his straight A record would be broken, "I am so sorry that I dazed off but I promise that this will never happen again! I was studying so hard for this exam (over 10 minutes!) and I truly do understand all the concepts of the Mole! You mustn't take away my test and give me zero, PLEASE, YOU MUSTN'T!" Seeing the pitiful look on Mike's face and the tears streaming from his eyes, Ms. Sonachansingh's heart softened and she decided to give him another chance. "Alright, you crybaby, if you can correctly answer this super hard bonus question in 6.02 minutes I will let you continue the test, how many particles are in 23.0 grams of ammonium sulfate? Quickly, Mike took out his CASIO calculator and began the calculations. He knew that ammonium sulfate consisted of 2 Ammonium and 1 Sulfate which then consisted of two times NH4 plus one times SO4. Two times the sum of one Nitrogen plus four Hydrogen is 2(1X14.01g/mol + 4X1.01g/mol) = 36.10g/mol and one time the sum of one Sulfur plus four Oxygen is 1(32.07+16.00X4)=96.07g/mol when 36.10g/mol is added to 96.07g/mol the result molar mass is 132.17g/mol per one molecule ammonium sulfate. With that information, Mike divided 23g by the 132.17g/mol and multiplied the resulting number by Avogadro's Number, which is 6.02X10^23, to find a result of approximately 1.05X10^23 ammonium sulfate molecules. When Mike told Ms.Sonachansingh of his answer, she was truly surprised that he would be able to find the answer and joyfully praised his knowledge of the mole.

Just as Ms.Sonachansingh was about to tell Mike to resume the test, the Mighty Mole bursts through a side wall...

(Carmen Zhuang Day 2 Period 3)
OH NOO!! The mighty mole ATE Mike. As Mike opened his eyes in the next second, he was in a dark room with all the blinking atoms floating in the air. Suddenly, a hugh balance appeared in front of him with one side filled with 0.072 g of permanganate. Mike got stuck since he didn't no what's the formula for permanganate, he took out his phone, went on google, and.... 'It's MnO4.' he screamed!! He started to calculate. He took 0.072 g X 1 mol/(55+4x16 g) X (6.02x10^23 molecules)/1 mol X 5 atoms/1 molecule. He got 1.8X10^21 atoms. Mike was so desirous to get out of the 'room' once he remembered that he was eaten by a mole few minutes ago. He felt like he's in the stomach of the creature. He began to jump into the air and tried to bring the atoms to the balance...

(Jeff Yu Day 2 Period 4)
Mike jumps up and about, trying to catch at least one atom so he can place it on the scale. Outraged with frustration, he rage quits and decides to call upon the Saiyan in him! He uses Instant Transmission and teleports back and forth 1.8x10^21 times, picking up each atom one by one. Finally, the balance is level and it mysteriously vanishes into dust, revealing an enormous, ancient doorway. Engraved on this doorway in font size 72 was the title “THE UGLY MOLE” and under it was the tale of said mole: “Once there was an ugly mole. It was so ugly that everyone died. The end.” Mike just scratched his head in confusion, wondering how this related to anything. Then, he noticed a little note under the tale: “The dreaded Ugly Mole lives behind these doors. The fates of those who gander at the Ugly Mole are sealed. If you can answer our question correctly, you may escape that fate. How many atoms are there in 4.6 mol of sucrose? “Mike was determined to get out of here, mostly because he needed to pee really badly. Quickly he remembered that sucrose is C12H22O11, so he came up with an equation of 4.6 mol sucrose x( 6.02x10^23 molecules/1 mol sucrose). At this point he thought he had it, but then a thousand epiphanies came to mind and he realized he needed to multiply that equation by 45 atoms/ 1 molecule (12 carbon atoms+22 hydrogen atoms +11 oxygen atoms). His answer came out to be 1.2x10^26 atoms and he shouted it at the door, hoping to finally be freed from this mole...

(Matthew Chan Day 2 Period 2)
The door then opens and behind the door was not what Mike was expecting. He was expecting to see the most ugliest thing on Earth, but, instead standing there was Jessica Alba, his favourite actress. Mike then screamed like a little girl because he was a super crazy fan of hers. Mike wanted to walk towards her and give her a big hug. However, Jessica Alba says, " Hello, Mike if you answer this question, I will grant you one wish you desire, beyond your imagination." So Mike was ready, he asks, "Okay, what is the question?"

" The question is, if a large McDonald's coffee contains 76 mg of caffeien, C8H10N4O2. How many moles of caffeine is in a large McDonald's coffee?"

" Wow, that is really easy, I got this, I did this at school, because mass is in grams, you must first convert 76 mg into grams which is 76 times 10 to the power of -3. It is because there is 1000 mg in a grams, so once you get 0.076 grams you then take the molar mass of caffeine, which is 194.0 grams, then you take 0.076 grams and divide it by 194.0 grams which is 0.000391753 mol, but since you started out with 2 significant figures i will have to change the answer to 3.9 times 10 to the power of -4 mol."

" Wonderful, Mike now before I grant you your wish i have one more favour"

" What is it, my love?"


Then Jessica Alba disappears and Mike goes back to Earth. So Mike decides to get a large McDonald's coffee as a souvenir. He drinks it slowly, relishing the bitter but sweet Arabian coffee beans that McDonald uses. He then finds it hard to stay awake and begins to fall asleep.

(Connie Wong Day 2 Period 3)
As Mike's eyes slowly starts to droop he found himself fast asleep dreaming. His imagination brought him to Hollywood meeting all his favourite actresses. trying to re-live the whole Jessica Alba incident. There he met his other favourite actress Julia Roberts. Julia has heard that Mike was one of her biggest fan so she want Mike to prove it to her. Julia asked Mike to make her her favourite drink of all time, Acetate Juice! Mike was flattered even talked to him! But now Julia asked him to make her a drink? Mike felt honoured but one problem! He doesn't know how! He forgot how to make the standard solution. Can anyone help Mike in his dreams? Can Mike impress the girls of his dreams? ..

(Philip Chen Day 2 Period 2)
After 6.02 x 10^23 minutes, Mike finally awoke from his long dirty dream. He continues his journey to search for the eight scattered mole balls, in order to summon the mole dragon to grant him three wishes. Mike plans to have the mole dragon grant his wish of immortality and the revival of his dead classmates. Mike's third wish, however, is still not decided. Conveniently, he has already obtained 6 mole balls, each mole ball is engraved with a different formula used to convert the mole. Mike obtained the formulas mole to mass, mole to no. of particles, mole to molarity, mass to mole, no. of particles to mole and molarity to mole. Mike now decides to journey to summoner's rift and the twisted treeline in high hopes of finding the remaining mole balls with the help of his mole radar. He begins stacking long swords and boots.

(Grace Lin Day 2 Period 4)
While trying to find the remaining mole balls, Mike felt drowsy and started to dose off in the shade of the trees into his Hollywood dream….

Mike decided to youtube how to make standard solutions on his cellphone and watched this video, //// (**YT: Preparation of a Standard Solution**)// (**YT: Preparation of a Standard Solution**)//

Preparation of a Standard Solution

external image 1.jpgexternal image 2.jpgexternal image 3.jpg


Preparation of a Standard Solution

external image 1.jpgexternal image 2.jpgexternal image 3.jpg


before making Julia Roberts her acetate drink. She had asked for 250mL of 0.500M of sodium acetate. So Mike converted 250mL to 0.25L, and after googling the atomic masses of the atoms in CH3COONa, he calculated that the molar mass was 2(12.0)+3(1.0)+2(16.0)+23.0=82.0g/mol. With his CASIO calculator, he multiplied 0.25L by 0.500M, and found that the answer was 0.125mol. Then, Mike multiplied that by 82.0g/mol to find that he needed 10.2g of sodium acetate.
Luckily, Julia had some sodium acetate so Mike didn’t need to run around looking for it. Mike measured 10.2g of sodium acetate and added 100mL of water first to dissolve the salt. Then, added more water until there was 250mL of the solution. Suddenly, Mike had a queasy feeling about why Julia asked for an acetate drink.
Julia, who had watched Mike the whole time, cackled and said, “Now you must drink this to prove that you’re my biggest fan.” He groaned inwardly, but Mike wanted to impress her, so he lifted the beaker to his mouth....
“NO! DON’T DRINK IT!” a voice sounding like Ms. S shouted, but Mike already had a mouthful of the acetate drink. Before he could stop himself, he listened to the voice and spurt out the solution. When he blinked open his eyes, everyone in the chemistry class was staring at him with their jaws dropped. The Mighty Mole appeared before him –dripping wet with water! Shocked and furious, the Mighty Mole glared at Mike and announced, “That’s it! I’m not going to help chemistry students anymore!”

(Linda YT Huang, Day 2 Period 3)
....And on planet Neptune, Poseidon excreted a thick viscous layer of CH4 as he let out a sigh of delight. How much gas was oozed out of his alleviated behind? We have yet to find out. Back on Earth...

(Kevin Li, Day 2 Period 3)
The Mighty Mole blasted Mike with his mighty power. "DISAPPEAR!!" The light was blinding and everyone looked away as Mike was slowly fading away. He turned invisible and he was still able to control his five senses, but nobody else besides the Mighty Mole could sense him. Mike couldn't grasp anything around him, it's as if he had been turned into a ghost. "Bwahaha, as punishment, you will travel to my world in that form and suffer the wrath of my people!" The Mighty Mole's eyes started to glow crimson red, and a black hole appeared under Mike. "If you wish to return to your solid form and to this world, you must find the answer to the great question! The formula '6.02x10^23' holds a great power, only I, the Mighty Mole, and all the ancestors before me, know of this secret.. This is not just the day of our birth, nor is it a formula for a weapon. We have never revealed it to any outsiders. What is that secret? Find the origin of that formula on your own and use that secret to fulfil your destiny." The Black hole obsorbed Mike like a vacuum and he fell unconcious..

Soon after, Mike woke up within a cave, so he wandered ouside. He was amazed to see the world of the moles, but something caught his eye.. In a distance, he saw a group of mole people praying on their knees in front of a gigantic mole statue with "6.02x10^23" engraved to its chest. It was faint, but he saw it. Within the right eye of the statue, Mike saw a sparkle, something that he recognised.. It was a Mole ball, and he just knew that he was suppose to take it for the sake his class. No matter what.

(David Tran, Day 2 Period 2)
As Mike touched the ball before him appeared a glowing staircase. With no other option he ventured to the top of the assending staircase. Infront of him was the final mole ball. Unfortunately it was blocked by a 6m thick wall of ice. In front of the wall was a glass table with a note, a scale with an object on it labeled copper, and a beaker which read 0.5L and was filled with a blue liquid. The note read: "I am of a beaker of copper and of water, the scale shows how much copper is inside me, and the rest is up to you." Before him was a pen and paper. He then clued in on the fact that he has to find the molarity. He ordered the steps, first convert mass to moles and then moles to molarity. He used the scale which read 5.7g and remembered the molar mass of copper is 63.55 g/mol. To turn it into moles he used the formula "mass/molar mass= moles", 5.7g/63.55g/mol the grams cancel out which left 0.090mol of copper. He turned to the beaker which contained 0.5L of copper and water. With the note stating that the same amount of copper on the scale is in the beaker the amount of copper inside must be 0.090mol. Remembering how to do it he did "Molarity= mol/litres", which was 0.090mol/0.5L= 0.18mol/L.He wrote down the answer and the ice wall shattered. Before him was the last mole ball, it is time for his 3 wishes.

(Amy So 2-2)
The mole ball, shining and fluorescent, drifted towards him, his eyes glowed and a smile crept across his face. Then in an outburst, the mole ball grew, transformed and came to life. An elf. Mike jumped, frightened from the unexpected transformation. It asked Mike for his first wish. His mind filled with thousands and thousands of possible wishes floating about. "Should I wish for a brand new car?" "Maybe for all the answers to Ms. Sonachangsingh's tests." Then one particular wish came to mind, the very wish that would release him from being ensnared in this imprisonment,and in an instance, Mike blurted out his first wish, " I wish to be relieved from such punishment, and for the forgiveness of the almighty mole." However, just as Mike finished stating his wish, the elf raised it's left hand revealing another note. The note elevated into the air, and the writing inscribed on the note read:" Your task is to determine the morality of 213g of sugar in 1.5L bottle of Coke." Using the formula: Molarity = # of mole's over volume, Mike figured out the answer. Knowing that he always needs to show work for word problems, Mike wrote down on the back of the note:
First remembering the formula for sugar:Sugar = C6H1206
Next finding the number of moles in Sugar. Mike divided the grams of sugar, in the bottle of Coke( 213g), with the total average mass(g) of sugar: 213g / ( 12 * 6)+(12) + (16*6)= 1.18mol
Then he used the molarity formula: 1.18mol/ 1.5L= 0.79M
His first wish was granted...

(Samuel Ng, Day 2 Period 2)
While Mike was still wondering about what he could wish for his next two wishes, strange things have been happening on earth. A small zombie population has started forming on the outskirts of Las Vegas. How in the world did we get the living dead on earth? Let me explain. Area 51, an American military base located deep in the heart of Nevada, recently shot an extraterrestrial aircraft out of the sky. Powering that aircraft was 6.02x10^23 atoms or 1 mol of Ununpentium (atomic number 115). While being one of the best sources of energy, it had another effect. A single atom of Ununpentium has the ability to reanimate dead cells and bring them back to life. As the aircraft crashed into the military base, Ununpentium seeped into the earth and effectively brought dead soldiers back to life in the form of zombies. In no time, the zombies eliminated everyone of Area 51 and traces of the element brought the dead back to life. This could easily create a zombie apocalypse unless stopped by the all powerful Mighty Mole. Mike, being unaware of the zombie situation, uses his next two wishes on personal gains...

(Nicholas Tang, Day 2 Period 1)
Sadly, Mike wished for a flower pot with petunias and a whale, and he slowly began to regret this decision as the zombies ate him alive....... Now back on Earth where everybody was still staring at the spot where Mike had been standing, they decide to shrug it off and continue with their amazing adventure to find the Seal of Avogadro. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Morgan Freeman walks into the classroom and tells them that to continue their quest to stop the evil Mighty Mole who happens to work with the company EA who has an army of 6.02 x 10^23 Digletts, they must find the 3 pieces of Ostwald, which will form and create the Trinity Force in order to have a fighting chance against the Mighty Mole and his absurd amount of resources. Before Morgan Freeman leaves, he gives the class a clue that will lead them to the next destination. "This element hastened the downfall of this civilization, you can also figure it out by knowing that in 200 grams there is 0.96 moles.""Oh I know," said Desmond Miles, the element is lead! Lead sped up the downfall of Rome!""Shut up Desmond, we are trying to figure out where to go"shouted Salce. After minutes deliberation, that in order to calculate the molar mass, you divide the mass by the number of moles 200/0.96= 208g/mol, which is lead. They then realize that Desmond Miles was right all along, and they set out for Rome.

(Kelsey Yuen, Day 2 Period 1)
"That was THE longest trip I have ever taken." Desmond said as his stomach growled.
"You slept the whole way here." Mike replied. They continued to make their way out of the airport in Rome.
"Did I just hear someone's stomach growling?! I can like, totally fix that up!" Dennis and Mike could smell a delicious aroma. They tried to waft the fragrance towards them. A petite girl approached them with a picnic basket. "I'll give you fellows a meal you won't forget if…”
"Why is there always a catch...?” Desmond sighed.
"Well you know what they say! When in Rome do what the Romans say! Heck, even I don't know what they say. Just help me out here! I need help creating 100.0mL of a 0.10M solution of CaCl2."
"HAVE NO FEAR! A HERO IS HERE!" Mike yelled at the top of his lungs while he fiercely scribbled down his work.
100.0mL x 10^-3=0.1000L 0.10 mol/L*0.1000L=0.010mol 0.010mol*[(40.1)+2(35.5)] = 1.111g
Knowing how much CaCl2 they needed to dissolve, they continued making their standard solution!

(Linda Nguyen, Day 2 Period 1)
"Well, that was easy!" Mike said after he finished swallowing down the last bits of his meal.
For a moment, Desmond just stared at his friend.
"What?" said Mike uncomfortably after a minute of prolonged staring.
"Sorry, you sounded like the 'easy' button. You know, that button you can buy from Staples?" Desmond replied.
"...right. Anyway, I'm thirsty. Are there any drinks around here?" Mike took a look at his surroundings, hoping to see a vendor or a shop. Instead, his eyes drew him to the petite girl who had approached them with the picnic basket earlier. She was carrying a couple of cans of soda. Mike sighed. "Come on, Desmond. Looks like we'll have to make another standard solution.
"Great," muttered Desmond sarcastically. "Are we going to have to work for everything around here?"
They walked towards the girl and grudgingly started creating 100.0mL of a 0.10M of NaCl.
0,10 mol x 0.1000L = 0.010 mol
NaCl = (23.0) + (35.5) = 58.5g/mol
0.010mol x 58.5g/mol = 0.585g
When Desmond and Mike handed over their work to the girl, they were immediately rewarded with the drinks she was holding.

(Carmen Zhuang,Day 2 Period 3)
"It tastes pretty good.." said Desmond.
"ARE you serious?? This tastes exactly the same as sugar...water. It might just be sweet water..." Mike argued...
"Well, I like sweet things.I am sure it has a good ratio of combination of sugar and water.........LOL." just as Desmond felt embarrassed, the girl who gave them the drink came to them and said "Hey, seems like you guys are very good in calculations. Um can I ask you guys to do me a favour?"
"No Problem!" said Desmond with a pose that he thought was cool.
"Thank you! Um can you help me to calculate how many grams there are in 100.0 mL of a 0.10 M of Ca(NO2)2?" asked the girl.
100 mL X (1 L/ 1000mL) X (0.10 M/ 1 L) X ( 40.1+2x14.0+4x16.0 g/ 1 mol) = 1.321 g
"It's 1.321 g." said Mike.
"Thank you so much"

(Monica Lai, Day 2 Period 3)
Suddenly something caught Desmond’s eye, and for once it wasn’t numbers, but words. “Fluorine Substitute Added to Drinking Water” was the flashing newspaper headline on the
Daily Roman. But what concerned Desmond wasn’t the Italian leader’s concern for the teeth of his people, but the fact that because of mysterious government cutbacks on fluorine, 4.0mg/L of Ununpentium would be added to Rome’s drinking water. And this was all being endorsed by the Mighty Mole! Desmond couldn’t believe it! Ununpentium—the same element found to reanimate dead cells—was about to be given to a mass population of people because of a recent hopeful hypothesis that it was a miracle element that would grant indestructible bones…and possibly eternal life as well. However, its long term effects on the living were still undetermined, and Desmond concluded that the world was about to make Rome its guinea pig. Without intending to, but out of mere habit, Desmond compulsively calculated the soon to be molarity of Ununpentium in Rome’s drinking water. According to the newspaper, the atomic mass of Ununpentium was 288 amu. So with 4.0 mg x (1g/1000mg) / (288g) / 1L he calculated the molarity to be 1.4x10^-5mol/L! It may not have sounded like much to most people, but Desmond knew better. He knew that if Ununpentium had the same zombifying effect it had on the living as it had on the dead, even the smallest amount spread over an entire city could mean the eventual end of the world. Now convincing the Mighty Mole from leaving and deserting Earth to fend off a massive growing army of zombies, Digletts, and moles was more urgent than ever.

(Letitia Kwong, D2-P4)
It was now winter and the Mighty Mole was in the midst of his hibernation. Desmond knew it was going to be a tough task just to figure out which one of its burrows the Mighty Mole was sleeping in, but he was determined. With his thinking face on, he ran upstairs to his brainstorming chamber (the washroom). He sat in the washroom floor for 10 minutes, then it was 20, then 45 minutes, but he had not a single clue in which of the Mighty Mole's 6,021,023 burrows he would be hiding in. Two hours has now gone by and Desmond was beginning to feel drowsy. His eyes began to slowly close. And as his eyelids fell, he dreamed.
Desmond woke up in the strangest place. It was dark and cramped. He could even smell the slight hint of manure in the distance. He looked around and found several tunnels. He stood at the intersection of the tunnels, and said to himself, "What the heck, it's just a dream!", so he spun around several times to choose which tunnel he should proceed. Using all his concentration to analyze his surroundings, Desmond didn't realize what he was walking towards.
SNAP! It was too late when he realized he had activated a booby trap. The spring from the booby trapped launched Desmond into a long vertical tunnel that seemed like it never ended. After 30 seconds of free-falling down the mysterious tunnel, Desmond found himself slowing down; he was now floating. Out of no where, a deep voice spoke. "You are very brave to have come this far to disturb my master in his long sleep. You must be desperate, what is it that you want?" A startled Desmond stuttered as he answered the voice. "It's an emergency, we need the Mighty Mole's help. A multiplying army of zombies, Digletts, and moles are trying to take over!" The voice replies, "You call that an emergency?! Oh please, you can deal with that yourself. You may leave now. Bye." "WAIT!!" Desmond shrieked, "please! I'm incapable of stopping this myself, I need help." After a moment of silence, the voice responds to Desmond's plead. "Okay Desmond, prove to me you are worthy of seeking my master for his help." "Anything for his help!" Desmond utters. "Answer this question, and I will lead you to the den of my master. What is the molarity of 81.0 g of sulphuric acid in 190.0 mL solution?" It took a while to do this question with out a pencil and paper, but luckily Desmond had his handy dandy CASIO calculator and came up with the the following:
Sulphuric acid: H2SO4
Molar mass = 2(1.0) + 32.1 + 4(16.0) = 98.0 g
190.0 mL --> 0.1900 L
81.0 g/ 98.0 g = 0.826 mol
0.826 mol/ 0.1900 L = 4.34 M
After redoing the question several times to check his answer, he finally stated his answer aloud. The voice came back, "Congratulations." As the voice spoke, Desmond finally saw the bottom of the tunnel. He landed softly like a feather and the voice spoke again. "Follow this tunnel to find my master, but I must warn you, there are many more booby traps along the way. Master has set them up so his long nap is not disturbed by foolish and bored no-lifers. Good luck."

(Savneet Sandhu, Day 2 Period 2)
The Mighty Mole continued on with his mission. While keeping in mind what the master had said to him he used his eyes for careful observation. He walked for what seemed like hours. Not knowing where he was headed he started geting very tired. Suddenly he came to a halt it seemed as though the tunnel had a dead end. He turned around but he was caged in. HE WAS TRAPPED!

(Katelyn James, Day 2 Period 2)
Oblivious to Mike's plight, Mrs. S and the rest of her Chemistry 11 students hide in a secret underground bunker accessed from the side room of Mrs. S's class. There they would be safe from the moles and zombies. To pass the time, Mrs. S gave the students a hydrate lab. The students had to evaporate the water from a crystal and then find the mass and number of moles of the resulting anhydrous salt (aka waterless salt). To make sure they understood these calculations, she gave them some bonus questions, including ones in which the student' had to balance the formulas of the hydrates, when given the mass of the elements in the compound. The students were completely confused and shocked. These questions were unlike any they had ever seen! Not even Mike had mentioned an equation like this in all his mole journeys! What could they do?

(Sehra Zhen, Day 1 Period 2)
Another day has passed and the questions is still a shock for everybody, Mike decided that he want to be the first one who walked out of this craziness, he decided to take a look to the questions. He was completely furious about the question because he had no clue of what to do! But when he looked carefully and into details, he found out that Mrs. S has giving some clues! And the clues were... the lab itself! If we have to heat up something, and the mass has decreased, that means something has vaporized! And that's water, to calculate the mass of the water, just subtract from what we have from the start! And from that Mike can see the pattern of ratios, because Mike have started with 4 grams, and the ratio is different since everybody did different ones.. But the pattern is there, ratio, gram and moles! He multiplied them back and forth.. And finally, he was able to solve the questions and thinking of sneaking out of the room...

(Carman Mak, 2-1)
When suddenly, one of his classmates asked him for help!
"Me?" cried Mike.
"YES!" replied mysterious classmate.
"So... what do you need help on?"
" Well, um, it's this lab report I'm doing on the hydrates. I can't seem to understand at all how to do the questions on the back page correctly... will you please explain them to me?"

(David Tran, Day 2 Period 2)
He ignored the student and decided to sneak out of the classroom after thinking about it when Mrs. S caught him, as Mrs. S is a keen observer. You will now have detention after school young man. As school ended Mike walked into the chemistry lab for his detention when he saw something odd, there were two Mrs. S in the room standing face to face. They both quickly turned to Mike and both said, “Help me get rid of this imposter Mike!” Mike was unsure as what to do since they both looked and talked the same. He then got an idea, “Only the real Mrs. S can get this question! If I have 5g of MgSO4 * 7H2O what will the amount of anhydrous salt be in it?” Mike quickly ran through the answer.
First find Molar mass of 7H2O and MgSO4
((1.0*14)+(16.0*7)) + (24.3+32.1+(16.0*4))
With that found now divide it by the mass to get the amount of moles and multiply by the molar Mass of MgSO4.
((5g) / (246.4g/mol))* (120.4g/mol)
Quickly both of them shouted “2.443g!” Mike then was unsure of what to do until Mrs. S #1 said “Mike that question was way too easy!” The other one said “Don’t worry Mike I’ll give you a A when this is done.” Quickly he pointed at Mrs. S #2 and said “You’re the fake, Mrs. S would NEVER give an A, well... unless you work for it! Who are you?” It was then Mrs. S #2 made a wide grin as 2 tentacles sprouted from her back and said “I AM AN AGENT OF THE GREAT MOLE AND AN ENTITY KNOWN AS THE FLOOD OF DARKNESS! NOW YOU AND MRS. S, THE ONLY HOPE TO STOP THE ARMY, WILL DIE HERE!”

(Nicholas Tang Day 2 Period 1)
Before Mike can react, the Flood of Darkness transformed into a Cthulhu-like abomination and picked up Mike and shoved him into its gaping tentacle jaws, crushing and grinding Mikes bones and killing him indefinitely. Ms. S, clearly knows the only way to kill a demon is to use acid of a certain concentration, which is 4.2 M, and conveniently, there was a chemistry bench to the side, and she rushes off to prepare it. She takes the 12 molar hydrochloric acid concentration and begins to dilute it by adding it to a 1 litre solution of water, using the handy formula M1V1=M2V2 she figures out that:
She quickly adds this to the water. However during this time, Desmond burst out the ground wielding a fully stacked demon bloodthirster sword. He manages to cut off Cthulhu's left arm, temporarily incapacitating it. Suddenly, Ms. S threw the acid onto Desmond, Desmond begins to melt and he screams "WHHHHHHHHY MY BLOODTHIRSTER STACKS!?!?" However, little did Desmond or Mike knew beforehand, Ms S was indoctrinated by the Mighty Mole and his secret army of Reapers and is already a villain. Desmond melts away into the the hole he created, however being exposed to the demon blade for so long, he simply is transported into the Void. All hope seems lost, however there was one more hero that can still save the class and everyone in the world, his name is Angus. Fortunately, Angus is known to Ms. S as the class slacker, so while all these chain of events was happening, he was asleep in class. He wakes up to the sudden crash of Ms. S dropping adventure gear onto the table. "Because this story is going nowhere, I have to force you to go out and save the world" stated the indoctrinated Ms. S. "I also brought with you Finn and Jake from Adventure Time, to help you so you won't get side tracked." Angus nodded in agreement and set out to find the first piece of the Trinity force, which is last located at a random cave occupied by the vampire queen, Marceline.

(Daniella Guinjicna, Day 2 Period 3)
Angus got up to stretch before he set out with Finn and Jake from Adventure time as he had been asleep for a long time. Deep down inside, he was worried that he wouldn't be able to make it to Marceline's cave in time to find the first piece of the Trinity force to save the world and that he wouldn't remember any of his survival skills! He had heard rumors that the Electron Forest was a very eerie and dangerous place filled with uncertainty as he remembered his uncle, Werner Heisenberg, telling him when he was younger. Still, it was a task given to him by Ms.S and everyone was depending on him to step it up. He was always slacking anyway, so why not do something now?
After one night of sleep, they had slowly approached the entrance of the Electron Forest. With caution and their guards up, they made their way in always keeping watch of they're surroundings. Then all of a sudden, BAM! Mr. Negative, Marceline's right hand man came out of nowhere and stood before them with a - sign in the middle of his chest. "You have no business being here, you filthy muggles of Chem11 class." he said. Angus replied, "Oh yeah? Who says? You don't rule this planet buddy." The expression on Mr.Negative's face became twisted as anger flashed in his tiny eyes. "What do you want?" "If you haven't noticed.. the world is in turmoil and we need the first piece of the Trinity force!! Stop wasting time and let us through.", Angus said. Mr.Negative smirked and said, "Ha. You think its that easy? Well tell you what..if you help me out with my little problem, i'll hand it over to you. Like an exchange yennoh?" Angus began to feel nervous but he kept it together and replied, "Alright. What is it?" Mr.Negative gave him the question. "What is the molarity of a solution made by dissolving 2.5g of NaCl in enough water to make 125mL of solution?" Angus was worried. He had slept through most of class and he couldn't remember a thing! He slowly thought about it, and after a few minutes, he realized he knew what to do all along.
Molarity = moles of solute/L of solution ..therefore..
2.5g NaCl x 1mole/58.5g NaCl = 0.0427 mol
molarity = 0.0427mol/0.125L = 0.34 M NaCl
He was impressed with himself as he remembered much of what he learned when he was actually paying attention! With confidence, he replied "0.34 M NaCl!" Mr.Negative was shocked and said, "My goodness! That's it! Alright, here it is. Make sure you watch out and take care of yourself as you head out." And from there, Angus, Jake, and Finn looked forward to saving the world....

(Wendy Pang, Day 2 Period 3)
The three continue on, determined and in desperate need of the Trinity force. They have been walking for 3 hours now, not stopping even once. Tired and exhausted they come upon a gate, stopping them from travelling any further. "What now?" asked Jake. "Is this it?" Angus looks around, looking for a sign of help or at least a clue to what they were heading into. A golden slip of paper caught his eye. "Hey guys, look what I found!" Jake and Finn hustle over and the three huddle around the golden slip as Jake goes on and reads it out loud. " Congrats, you guys made it past Mr.Negative but that is just one of the many obstacles in the Electron Forest. You have more to come. Here is your next challenge. Take it if you dare but know that this time there is a time limit. You get 1 minute to show both your work and come up with the correct answer. One final thing, only one out of the three of you can complete this question, and we have chosen Finn. "What? Me?! Show work? I hate showing work" complains Finn. Finn has always hated showing his work even though he always comes up with the correct answer. He recalls the time he lost 4 marks in a chemistry lab because he hadn't shown his work. "I could have gotten perfect that time" mutters Finn annoyingly. "Stop talking to yourself and let's hurry up so we can get one step closer to the Trinity force!" says Angus. Finn quickly grabs the paper and scans the question. Without noticing, the timer ticks away to 59 secs.
Calculate the molarity of 25.0 grams of KBr dissolved in 750.0 mL.
"...what?" He reads it again. 50 seconds. For some reason Finn blanks out. He begins whacking his brain for the answer as soon as he notices that there is only 39 seconds left. He continues staring at the question with nothing coming to mind.
"0.280." It suddenly hits him. "The answer is 0.280 M!
"Fast, show your work!" Screamed Jake.
Fin grabs the pencil and hurries as he tries to scribble away the answer but instead he holds it still.
"What's wrong?" asked Jake.
"I can't..I know the answer but I just can't seem to write it out on paper." 30 seconds left.
"Just take it step by step and write out all the steps that process in your brain. You can do it! Write anything and everything that goes through your brain. Hurry, only 15 secs left!"
Finn begins writing away uncertainly.
25.0g / 119.0g/mol = 0.210 Mol
750.0 mL / 1000 = 0.750 L
0.210 mol / 0.750 L = 0.280 Mol
" I did it!" Finn yells in rejoice. The gate slowly slides open..

(Kitty Wu, Day 2 Period 3)

Angus, Jake, and Finn aka “The Three Musketeers” are over the moon after the gates opened. Now, they are one step closer to reaching the Vampire Queen and no body has accomplished that in the last decade. Nobody spoke nor anyone dared to make a noise. They all held their breath until they reached the Queen’s chamber. A large, steel door with only a keypad stood before them. Out of nowhere, the Queen’s voice can be heard echoing throughout the empty cave.
“Hahaha, so you three Young lads finally made it. I’ve been watching you. Before you can finally meet me, answer this question that no one has ever gotten correct. How many molécules of aluminum iodide are there? Also, how many moles of aluminum iodie are there? The correct answer will gain you entrance into my world. Enter the answer onto the keypad after you’ve figured it out. You guys either make it or break it.”“ Yes! Nobody has ever gotten that question right? They must have been living in a hole. Mrs. S went over this soo many times. Easy peezy, guys. We can do this!” whispered Angus
AlI3 = 407.7g/mol so 6.39x10^25 atoms x 1molecule/3 atoms give us 2.13 x 10^25 molécules! Got it!To calculate the number of moles, Finn then used 6.39 x 10^25 and x it by 1molecule/3atoms x 1mol/6.02x10^25 molécules = 35.3820595. He almost forgot to round it to the nearest sig fig, 35.4 mol.Jake hovered his hand over the keypad and slowly keyed in 2.13 x 10^25 and 35.4 onto the keypad. Beep. The door unlocked, and the three enter with astonishment into the Queen’s chamber with no idea what’s in store for them ....

(Carmen Zhuang, Day 2 Period 3)
As they walked into the Queen's chamber, all they saw was a huge table with pencils and paper. Around it were three wooden chairs. They were surprised. Then a sound came to them :" Sit on the chair and you would know your next challenge." As they got to the chairs and sit on it, 'seatbelts' appeared and locked them tightly on the chair. Then three buttons rose from the table in front of them. The sound appeared again. This time " There are three of you, but only one of you can go through the chamber, The other two would be send to hell for extreme challenges." Angus, Jake and Finn began to whisper. "Listen," the voice sounded angry, " You all have two minutes to finish this task, here’s the question - What volume does 45.5 g of Oxygen occupies at standard temperature and pressure?, Show your work on the paper and once you are finished, press the button in front of you as soon as possible."
The three friends began to whispered again. They wanted to stay together, but there were no time for them to think about any other things. They began to write.
45.5 g X ( 1 mol/ 16.0g) X (22.4 L/ 1 mol) =63.7 L
The three friends were so tacit that they finished their work at the same time. They exchange each other with an eye contact.
They pressed the button at the same time!!
The voice appeared again with full of anger " You guys are such good friends aren't you. Then why don't you all go to hell..."
The chairs fliped them backward and they fell into the dark...

(Connie Wong Day 2 Period 3)

As the doors open, there was a surprise ahead of them. A chamber where no on has ever passed before. Angus, Jake and Finn was excited to step foot into the chamber but, as their feet touch ground a voice came on. They recognized the voice, it was the Queen. "Congratulations, NOT. Although you have passed the last round, Prepare to loose." The word "Loose" does not show up in their dictionary, They will fight for the finish to answer all the questions and win this whole thing, "Give us the question now, we're ready." said Jake. "You better be ready to loose this round, but lets see what you got for me. First Question, What does STP stand for? What Volume does 4.80g if Neon Gas occupy at STP? If you think that you have gotten the correct answer, enter your answer in the keypad. Good Luck. -snickers-"
IS THAT WOMEN CRAZY THIS IS THE EASIEST THING. "STP - Standard Temperature Pressure" was typed onto Angus's iPhone, then Jake takes out a piece of paper and a pen and starts writing away.
We all know that the Mole of any gas at STP has a volume of 22.4L. Using what we have learned in Ms.S class we can find how much hydrogen gas is being occupied. They first need a periodic table to figure out Neon's Atomic Mass. With Angus's handy dandy iPhone they googled "Neon's Atomic Mass" and they found the answer of 20.2. Now they set up their equation. They know the formula is : Mass of gas x 1mol / Atomic Mass x 22.4. By knowing this, Jake scribbled down, 4.80g x 1 mol / 20.2 x 22.4 mol. Finn grabs a calculator from his pcket and typed in the numbers and got the answer of 5.36L. the Answer is 5.36L! They quickly typed in the keypad and the voice came on. "Darn it! I was for sure you were going to fail this question. Good Luck on the next one.." BEEP. The doors unlocked, and the three muskateers walks slowly as they are one step closer to the Vampire Queen. They all wonder what the chamber have in store for them ....

(Monica Lai, Day 2 Period 3)

After a few minutes of walking, Jake decided to check up on his friends beside him. That's when he noticed that they weren't there! Somehow he must had taken a different path from them. Suddenly the wall beside him began to speak. " I bet you're looking for your friends, aren't you?" Jake, stunned at this strange occurence, simply nodded. The wall replied, "Well, maybe if you help me with my homework I'll let you in on a bit of information. What volume does 2.50 grams of neon gas occupy at STP?
Knowing that at STP (Standard Temperature and Pressure), the molar volume of any gas was 22.4L, Jake got to work. He multiplied the given mass by the
inverse of the molar mass to get the number of moles, and then multiplied this number by 22.4L to get the molar volume. 2.50g x 1mol/20.2g x 22.4L /1 mol = 2.77L. "It will occupy 2.77L!" Jake answered happily.

(Sehra Zhen, Day 2 Period 2)
Correct! The wall replied. Jake now asked the Wall for informations, but the Wall said, "I am not done yet! I have one more question left, which I don't know what to do. If 2.50 grams of neon gas occupy at STP is 2.77L, what about in SATP?". Jack was shocked by the question, but then when he thinks about it,SATP sounds really familiar! He remember STP is 22.4L... And SATP is... double of it! 24.8L! He then fast calculate it again with 2.50g x 1mol/20.2g x 22.8L /1 mol = 3.07L! "It is 3.07L, Jack shouted."

(Carmen Zhuang, Day 2 Period 3)
On the other side, Angus was alone too. He was in a forest with all the tress around him. As he walk along the round, he suddenly saw a huge tree. ‘OMG', thats the first word came into his mind as he saw the tree. 'Isn't this The Tree Of Souls?' Angus was so exited that he came to the Avatar world. On the other hand, he was amazed that he could breathe...
He came in front of the tree, and as he got closer, the tree got shinnier. 'I've been waiting for you for so long, Angus.' Said the tree. Angus was confused. 'How did she know I would pass all the barriers and get here?' The compassionate voice appeared again ' You shall not think too much, Anugus, You are the Saviour of Pandora. Eywa had sent us two questiones to solve for. We didn't have a choice but to solve them. The problem is that none of us have the skill to solve them. Therefore, we summoned you from the Queen's chamber.' Angus's brain had totally gone blank. He could not think. But still, he said 'It's treasure to help you.'
'What volume does 122.0 g of Xenon occupies at STP?' A question came in to his mind. He quickly go through what he had learned.
122.0 g X ( 1 mol/ 131.3 g) X (22.4 L/ 1 mol) =20.8 L
'20.8 L' He shouted. 'Thank you Augus, We bet you are 100% sure with this answer. Here's the second question.'
'What volume does 342.0 g of Radon occupies at SATP?' Augus got stucked. He tried so hard trying to remember what Mrs. S said in class about SATP. '2,4,6,8 Oh its 24.8 L!!!' he began to calculate.
342.0 g X ( 1 mol/ 222.0 g) X (24.8 L/ 1 mol) =38.2 L
'38.2 L.' Augus said. Just as Angus shouted out his second answer. Sky full of golden powder dropped off the sky. Angus was so impressed.
'Thank you so much saviour, you've saved us.' Said the tree. 'These powder could help us to extend the life of Pandora. Eywa had calculated that tomorrow will be the last day of Pandora if you didn't came and give the right answers, Eywa was willing to test if Avatar deserves to exist. Thank you so much, Thank you for saving Pandora.' The voice was full of thankness and Angus was still in impression. 'I will be sending you away now, bless you and your friends can successfully get to the finish point. 'Hope to see you and your friends next time. Thank you so much.'
Just as Angus awoke from the impression and was about to say something, everything vanished...

(Katelyn James, Day 2 Period 3)
Meanwhile, Fin found himself in a huge chemistry laboratory! It was full of all types of equipment, WAY better and fancier ones than Angus had talked about in his school lab. As he wandered around the room, something Angus had mentioned suddenly came to mind. He remembered that Angus said that Mrs. S (before she maybe turned evil) that in order to defeat the mole army, they would have to turn the mole minions from bad moles to good! You could do this by pouring a liquid solution with the same molarity as written on their chest on them. This was their greatest weakness! And, according to the news, the mole minions had either 2 M or 5 M written on them. Quickly he found the equipment he needed - beakers, electric scale, water, volumetric containers, and samples of pure carbon (to keep the calculations as simple as possible!). But in order to do this experiment correctly, he had to do some calculations first. If he messed up, it could mean the end of the world!!!

(Brandon Tong, Day 2 Period 4)
With that, the wall slide open revealing a control room. Jack cautiously entered, glancing at the many screens and charts on the walls. "Wait a minute, this seems to be the place where Vampire Queen controls her minions!" Jack walked around, trying to remember everything he sees in case it proves useful in the future. Suddenly, he notices a switch under a lonely desk in the corner. He flicks it and one of the screens swivel on the wall to display a blueprint of a mole minion. "Wow, this shows all the weaknesses of the minions!" Excited, Jack quickly scans the blueprint. Jack reads that each minion represents 1 mol of a certain gas. If they are hit with the right 'frequency' (the molar volume that the gas takes up) then they will disintegrate. Jack opens one of the drawers of the desk. He finds a device. "This device can destroy all minions that occupy a certain volume. He could set the frequency by a keypad. WIth this device, I can defeat the minions!" Then, Jack realizes it would take forever to kill the minion army. How could he calculate each and every volume for each gas in time to wipe out all the mole minions? Slowly, it dawns on Jack. He remembered that all gases at STP (standard temperature and pressure) take up 22.4L . If he could lure all the minions to a place that had STP, then with one frequency (22.4) from the device, he could eliminate them all!

(Katelyn James, Day 2 Period 2)
Jack also remembered that STP was 0 degrees Celsius (or 275 degrees Kelvin) and 1 atm (or 101*3 kfa). Additionally, SATP (which stands for standard ambient temperature and pressure) is at 25 degrees Celsius and 1 atm, and has a 'frequency' of 24.8L.

(Peter Truong, Day 2 Period 3)

As Jack was mumbling to himself he noticed that a mysterious portal had appeared right in front of his very own eyes! He was curious of what could be in this magical dimension, but he was also scared of what could happen. Jacking being adventerous and all, decided to dash towards the portal with no regrets. The world around him began to twist in strange ways like the striations left by a glacier, and just in a matter of seconds he landed on a planet accompanied by a strange atmosphere. He was quickly greeted by an elderly lizard where he revealed to Jack that this planet was called the Twisted Treeline. The lizard presented him with a quick quiz to test his knowledge. The simple test consisted of a single question where he was asked what STP and SATP stood for and how many litres would a gas take up at both STP and SATP. Jack thought hard and long about this when he finally remembered what he had learned in Chemistry. Jack told the lizard that STP stood for standard temperature and pressure which meant that all gasses take up 22.4L, and SATP stood for standard ambient temperature antpressure and it meangt that all gasses take up 24.8L.

(Andy Lau, Day 2 Period 4)
Roaming around the Twisted Treeline, Jack encountered a spider who was spinning her web. It was an unusual web; all 8 sides had words on it. It read: mass to moles, moles to mass, particles to moles, moles to particles, molarity to moles, moles to molarity, volume of gas to moles, and moles to volume of gas. The spider noticed Jack approaching her home. She hissed, "If you want to live, you better answer this question correctly, boy. How many moles is there in 224L of hydrogen gas at STP?" Jack knew that the STP stood for Standard Temperature and Pressure, which means gases takes up 22.4 litres/mol. Thanks to the lizard, he was on his way to completing the question. He scrutinized the web. On one of the markings, it reads, "volume of gas to moles (divide 22.4L/mol)." Jack took that particular conversion ratio into consideration. If he divide 224L by 22.4L/mol, the L will cancel out and he is left with 10mols. He confirmed his answer and nervously shouted, "There are 10 moles in 224L of hydrogen gas!" "Very well," answered the spider. Jack had survived another questions, but how can he get out of this dimension?

Hannah Xiao 2-1: The question was answered by another spider he encountered further, the spider said if you wish to pass you must answer this question correctly, If you have 112L if water at STP how many grams of water do you have? Jack knew that to get from litres to moles at STP you must divide by 22.4 and to get from moles to mass you multiply the mole by molar mass. So, 112 / 22.4 =5mol , 5 x 18 =90g. He thoughtfully exclaimed 90g, 90g, 112L is equal to 90g!!!!!

(Tracey Lui, Day 2 Period 4)
Jack saw the legs of the spider start to spin a web, as if it was spinning him a message. But it seemed like something was lagging, and an image appeared in front of his eyes – This program is not responding, please close the program. On instinct, he clicked Close the Program, and things started blurring out…

Underneath that, in Finn’s messy scrawl, were the numbers: 2.4g x 1 mol/35.5 g x 22.4L/mol = 1.5 L (the lab was at STP) “Ohhh, I dreamt about League of Legends.. I vaguely remember using the name Jack at one point too..” Jake mumbled as he struggled to get up. Then it struck him, he also dreamt of the way to eliminate the minions! “FINN, I KNOW THE SOLUTION TO ELIMINATING THE MINIONS!” Jake exclaimed, then proceeded to retell what he saw in his dream. Finn agreed with him, but they knew the needed Angus too. Suddenly, a flash of light came, and a little girl came out riding a unicorn and screaming, “IT’S SO FLUFFY, I’M GONNA DIE!!!” Angus had been transformed to Agnes .. and she had yellow minions beside her! “Look! Turns out these minions are related to the evil mole minions, they know where they are, and they have the devices to destroy them too! What are you waiting for? Let’s go!” Jake and Finn were flabbergasted, but they listened and climbed onto a unicorn, and they set out riding towards the rainbow…

(Winnie Mui, Day 2 Period 4)

Jake and Finn flew higher and higher... It may have been the effects of the lack of air, or it may have been the unicorn, but they started pointing out the weirdest things and saying the weirdest things. Jake pointed at a cloud saying it looked like a chicken, and Finn pointed out that the volume of the cloud was 560 L. Jake replied that if they were at STP, then there'd be 25 moles of H2O in that cloud, however, since they weren't, they had no idea how many moles or H2O there really were. However, they didn't care that they didn't know how many moles there were, all they wanted was to fly on the unicorn forever...

[Hannah Xiao, Day 2 Period 1]
And they did fly on the unicorn forever at STP. They continued to point at weird things such as the 448 monster they thought they saw which they calculated was 20 moles. Finn said hahaha 20 moles I only see 19 black dots hahaha. Jake then said hahaha not right, I meant 20 MOLES as in the UNIT not 20 moles as in black spots that are possibly cancer, besides why would there be a mole in a cloud?! Jake and Finn continued to ride the unicorn throught the sky while drawing big, bouncy rainbows in the sky until the a very grumpy leprechaun that proclaimed they would not let the unicorn take another breath until they knew how many litres were 30.1x10^23 particles. Jake and Finn looked at each other very worried. They liked their soft and cuddly unicorn very much and wanted to continue feeding it his favourite fod, cheese puffs! They couldn't feed the uniforn cheese puffs if they unicorn turned pale... So Jake and Finn put their heads together and thought VERY hard! They remembered that if you divide the particles by avegadro's number you get moles, they did figured there were 5 moles! Now to get from mole to litres at STP you have to multiply by... they FORGOT! OHH NOO!! The unicorn muttered 22.4. To get from mole to litre at STP you multiply by 22.4! 5 x 22.4 is 112L!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE UNICORN SHOUTED YES BOYS 112L. The leprechaun said very well then, here are some cheese puffs and a bucket of my delux chocolate coins for the road.

( Peter Truong, Day 2 Period 3)

Finn fell off the unicorn and was penetrated by a serrated lance held by a minion of the twisted treeline. Jack didn't really care about Finn so he continued to soar in vast atmosphere. The unicorn flew him into a portal which returned him into the real world. He came back just in time to witness the Canucks loss to the L.A. Kings for the 3rd time in the playoff series. Jack whom was angered decided to take out his rage on his chemistry workbook. He picked up his pencil and with rage he completed all the questions in his workbook. The most complicated problem was where he had to convert 100L into moles. However Jack was brilliant he knew how to get the answer. All he did was divide 100L by 22.4L and thats how he got 4.46 moles.

(Andy Lau, Day 2 Period 4)
As Jack rushed through his Chemistry workbook, he was able to tackle all the challenging questions. The easy concept questions stumped him. The question was, "what is a mole and how is it used to compare anything equally?" He remembers what his Chemistry teacher said. A mole is 6.02x10^23 of something. An example of a mole is like saying a dozen; lets compare the amount of flowers to elephants. We can equally compare them by dozens. There are 12 flowers and12 elephants. This goes the same for moles, the atomic mass (molar mass) seen on the periodic table was calculated by comparing 6.02x10^23 particles to each element. Hydrogen has an atomic mass of 1 gram, which means there are 6.02x10^23 particles in that particular mass. By using moles to impartially compare hydrogen to carbon, it can be done. Like hydrogen, the atomic mass (molar mass) of carbon contains 6.02x10^23 particles (12 grams). We can conclude that 1 mole of hydrogen has a mass of 1/12 of 1 mole of carbon. Jack is now done his Chemistry homework for now.... Back on the Twisted Treeline, Finn is reliving Jack's nightmare...

(Annie Yeung, Day 2 Period 4)

Just after Jake/Jack had abandoned him, and he and gotten speared, Finn had surprisingly, not died. He winced as he pulled the lance out of his stomach. The minions started at him in horror, before screaming bloody murder and falling faint to their feet. Finn quirked an eyebrow and stared at them before he examined his wound.
“Well, that sure hurt.”
“Of course it did, you foolish human! You have nearly escaped death! Luckily you were covered in my protective sparkles, boy.” The unicorn from before swooped down and landed gracefully next to Finn, head upturned disdainfully at his wound.
Horror dawned on his face.
“When did you cover me in sparkles? I’m not a vampire!” He shrieked, holding his arms out to check for any sign of glittering or shimmering.
“When you and your friend were riding earlier. And don’t be silly, just because you have sparkled does not mean you are vampire.”
Finn sighed in relief, before remembering that Jake had abandoned him earlier. Finn swore was going to wring his neck off when he saw him again. “So, can you take me back to the my world, unicorn?”
The unicorn sniffed haughtily.
“First, boy, you cannot walk around your world with a hole like that in your stomach.”
“Okay, then you is a magical being. You can heal me!”
The unicorn sniffed again, and… farted.
A cloud of bright-red gas appeared next to the rear end of the unicorn.
“That is 44 moles of neon gas. I will heal you if you tell me the correct amount in liters.”
Albeit rather disgusted and disturbed, Finn quickly multiplied 44 moles by 22.4 liters/mole.
“44 moles of neon gas equals 985.6 litres of neon gas, “ Finn stated, eyeing the red cloud of gas suspiciously.
“Good. Step inside the cloud the neon gas. Because it is unicorn neon gas, it will heal all your wounds!”
Pinching is nose closed as he bravely stepped in the cloud of unicorn far-
neon gas, Finn wondered if unicorns could fart the colors of the rainbow.
Maybe he’d find out soon.

(Brandon Dong Day 2 Period 4)

Suddenly, the unicorn farted again! "Why did you do that?" asked Jake (nickname: Jack), "I'm already healed!"
"Sorry," replied the unicorn, "that was a real fart."
But Jake/Jack was already dizzy from being impaled and the fart was really smelly.
The unicorn noticed his discomfort and promised that he would stop farting if Jake could find the empiracal formula of his fart.
According to the unicorn, his fart was 256 grams and contained 25% hydrogen and 75% carbon. (Don't ask me why the unicorn would know this)
Jack used his chemistry skills and got to work!

25%*256 grams=64 grams
64 grams/1 gram per mole (molar mass of H)=64 moles

75%*256 grams=192 grams
192 grams/12 grams per mole=16 moles


Jake knew the empiracal formula was CH4

To be continued ........................................................................................................................................................................

(Edward Ho, Day 2 Period 4)
"CH4!" Jake blurted out!

The unicorn glared at Jake, astonished at the speed of his calculations. The unicorn stopped farting and slowly approached Jake.

"Well done. You have found the empirical formula of my fart. However, I am not actually a unicorn, I am actually a magical Pegasus pony. Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Rainbow Dash. You may have seen me on the animated television series, My Little Pony."

Rainbow Dash went on about her adventures and her magical powers of weather control. She inherited the power of healing fart through a curse place on her by the evil Mojo Jojo (from Powerpuff Girls). She explained the only way to cure her curse would be to drink 50mL of a 0.50M KCl(aq) solution. She had no idea how much solute to add to water to prepare the solution and for Jake's assistance to her dilemma. With great, big puppy-dog eyes she spoke.

"Please help me Jake!" pleaded Rainbow Dash.

"Fine, I will help you," Jake remarked.

Jake put on his thinking cap and set to work.
He knew that he needed 50mL of solution.

50mL x (1L/1000mL) = 0.05L.

He needed to find the mass of 1mol of KCl. From his knowledge of the periodic table, he knew that the atomic mass of potassium was 39.1 and the atomic mass of chlorine has 35.5.

39.1 + 35.5 = 74.6 g

He needed to convert this to the amount of grams needed now.

0.05L x (0.50mol KCl) x (74.6 g KCl) = 1.865g of KCl

"You need 1.865g of KCl and then add water until you reach 50mL of solution!" exclaimed Jake.

Rainbow Dash's face lit up and a wide smirk appeared on her face. Something was wrong.

(Ryan Lou, Day 2 Period 4)
It turned out that Rainbow Dash had another favor to be satisfied.

She needed a humidifier because she had had problems with her Sinus, she wanted 2.5 moles of water vapour, so Jake thought how much litres that would be.

Jake thought it was 22.4 L/mol at STP so he did this calculation:

2.5mol x 22.4L/mol and he got 56L of Water Vapour for the poor unicorn.

Jake then asked "Are you feeling better now?"

Rainbow Dash then thought of a devious plan to hurt Jake and asked him to prepare 100 mL of 10M HCl

So Jake believed her and knows that 100 mL is 0.1 L and he multiplied it by 10 mol and then he multiplied that by the molar mass of HCl, which was 36.5g/mol and he got 36.5 g. He added the HCl to the water carefully and then he went back to Rainbow Dash. When he saw her, she pushed him onto the floor and the flask of 10M HCl fell on him. He suffered some serious burns. Rainbow Dash then escaped.

(Amy So Day 2 Period 2)

The acid sizzled and hissed upon his skin, burning away his flesh. Jake screamed in agony,until suddenly he spotted a bottle of burn cream before his teary eyes. Immediately, he ceased his hoarse shrieking. On the bottle was a note.The note read: This is a bottle of Silver Sulfadiazine, which is used as a topical burn cream on burns, including chemical burns like yours. Figure out my percent composition from the following information and this bottle of burn cream will be yours.A sample of this compound containing carbon, hydrogen, silver, nitrogen, oxygen and sulphur has a mass of 357g. Experimental procedures showed that 120g of this sample was carbon, 9g of this sample was hydrogen, 108g of this sample was silver, 56g of this sample was nitrogen, 32g of this sample was oxygen,and the remaining 32 g of this sample was sulphur.
Jake thought to himself:
To find the % of any of the given elements I would have to first divide the mass of element in the sample by the mass of the sample then multiply the result by 100%, and repeat that step for all of the elements.
Of this sample 120g of it was carbon, so i would first have to divide 120g by the mass of the sample which is 357g, which then gives me a result of 0.336, then I multiply by 100%, and I get 33.6%. 33.6% of the sample is carbon!
Jake continued to do the same for the remaining elements...
For hydrogen:
9g/357g=0.025* 100%= 2.5%
For silver:
For nitrogen:
56g/357g= 0.157*100%=15.7%
For oxygen:
32g/357g=0.090*100%= 9.0%
For the final element, sulphur:
32g/357g=0.090*100%= 9.0%
After all that thinking Jake totaled all his answers to make sure that they all sum up to 100%
33.6%+2.5%+30.2+15.7%+9.0%+9.0%= 100%
It totaled! :D
The bottle of Silver Sulfadiazine then descended cautiously infront of him. The cap unscrewed itself creating a eerie screech in the air. Once again the bottle raised itself and tilted slightly at the 45degree angle on upon his wound and applied itself onto the wound. Jake did not know how to respond to the actions of the bottle, it was as if there was a invisible figure before him committing this. However, to his amazement the the wound instantly heel. He glanced at the bottle again, but it had already vanished from existence! Jake carefully and attentively got up, stumbling about as he tried to make sense of what just happened....

(David Tran Day 2 Period 2)
Jake still weak from the burns, it seems as if he was too late and felt himself fall into the endless void where Mike and Desmond lay for all eternity never to come back as they have failed their quest. Finn running in to the location found his friend; disappear in front of his eyes. He was in deep turmoil as tentacles slowly fell on him; he looked up and saw that creature known as the Flood of Darkness was right on top of him. She laughed and choked him with her tentacles. All seems lost until Angus made his comeback. Angus ran into the fray with his prototype chlorine-firing gunblade. The weapon is a bladed gun that fires out noxious chlorine gas. Since Angus is lazy and clumsy he forgot to load the weapon with chlorine gas. He quickly took out his notes and calculator.

To load the weapon he must input the amount of Chlorine he has in litres at STP. The bottle with the gas is labeled 5.00g.
He must convert 5.00g to moles:
Mass/Molar Mass =Moles:
5.00g /35.5g/mol = 0.141mol
Now that he has moles he can now convert to L by using 22.4L/mol at STP
Moles X 22.4L/mol = Volume of Gas
0.141mol X 22.4L/mol = 3.15L

He plugged in the numbers and loaded the weapon. He aimed the barrel at the being that was strangling Finn. He pulled the trigger and the monster screamed in agony as it was consumed in toxic fumes. The creature was vanquished. Unfortunately Angus didn’t plan ahead and Finn was choking on the fumes as well. With his dying breath he told Angus to defeat the Master Mole for the sake of the society of Science. Angus was the unfortunately the ONLY hope the world had and still has much to learn.

(Winnie Mui Day 2 Period 4)

Angus didn't feel like saving the world at all. He just saw his best friend die in front of him and couldn't think straight at all. How was he going to explain this to Finn's mother? All the equations, the moles, how it all started off. It was just plain impossible, in his mind, the story didn't even make sense! He ran for it with salty tears streaming down his face. Unfortunately, the Master Mole wasn't going to let him off that easily. While running, Angus heard a voice say, "If your tears contained 5.00 g of NaCl per liter, how many particles of NaCl left your body in those 10.0 mL of tears you just cried? If you answer it correctly, I'll let you go, if not, I'll turn every particle of NaCl into a bear."

Angus was dumbfounded, he didn't know where to start thinking. I mean, who turned particles into bears?! Should he believe it was possible? Or keep running and hope particles couldn't turn into bears. He decided to solve the question then run.

NaCl = 22.99 g/mol + 35.45 g/mol = 58.44 g/mol
5.00 g x 1 mol / 58.44 g = 0.0856 mol
0.0856 mol / L x 0.01 L = 8.56 x 10^-4 mol
8.56 x 10^-4 mol x 6.02 x 10^23 particles / mol = 51.5 x 10^20 particles

"The answer is fifty one point five times ten to the power of twenty particles of NaCl left my body," Angus replied, feeling relieved that he might actually live another hour.

"Can you say it properly?"

"What do you mean properly? How am I supposed to know what something to the power of twenty is normally?"

"Sorry, but since you cannot read it out, I have to say it is wrong!"

While Angus stood there in shock, and regretting his decision not to run for it, the sky darkened... and though it shouldn't have been possible due to the extremely large amount of bears falling, Angus knew the exact number of bears raining down from the sky.

[Hannah Xiao Day 2 Period 1]
He knew he had to quit crying tears for only more bears would fall upon him. The Master Mole said I'll give you another chance... but it's all or nothing. He asked, "If the bear's tears contained 10.00 g of H20 per liter, how many particles of H20 left the bear's body in those 0.01000 L of tears the bear cried for falling to the ground? If you answer it correctly, you will live, if not, you will no longer exist."

Angus was scared for his life and he did not know what to do, if he doesn't answer he cannot escape, if he answers wrrong he dies, if he answers correctly he may leave but he doesn't even know if he ill eventually make it out...

But he tried anyways, it was all or nothing, no inbetweens for him!

H20 = 2.00 g/mol + 16.00 g/mol = 18.00 g/mol
10.00 g x 1 mol / 18.00g = 0.5556 mol
0.5556 mol / L x 0.01000 L = 0.005556 mol
0.005556 mol x 6.02 x 10^23 particles / mol = 3.344 x 10^21

Angus was debating to answer as 3.344 zettaparticles or 3.344 trilliard particles...
In the end he answered with 3.344 zettaparticles!!!!!!!!!!!

HE WAS COREECCTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Master Mole let him leave.

(Tracey Lui , Day 2 Period 4)

What was neglected during this whole process was the fact that Angus had turned back into a boy. Rainbow Dash had helped all three boys out in some way, and turned Agnes back to Angus using once again, his fart. As CH4 was only the empirical formula, the gas released had a different molecular formula, allowing for a different power of the fart. The molar mass of the fart needed to change Angus back to Agnes was 48.0g/mol. To activate the correct fart, however, Agnes/Angus needed to tell Rainbow Dash the correct molecular formula.

Molecular formula = empirical formula x small whole number -- Small whole number = molar mass / empirical formula mass

Empirical formula mass - 12.0g + (1.0g x 4) = 16.0 g
Smallest whole number = 48.0g/mol x 1 mol/16.0g = 3

Molecular formula = (CH4) x 3 = C3H12

Success! Angus had been successfully transformed! Although Rainbow Dash had decided to disappear again, Agnes' faithful minions did not... They brought out their weapons and began shooting fire at the raining bears. After burning, the bears turned into a compound composed of carbon and hydrogen again! If the formula was C3H12 again, then Angus would turn into Agnes again!

The results of the fire resulted in a 26.1% composition of carbon, and a 73.9% of hydrogen. The molar mass of the compound is 48.0g/mol. (this is not looking good)

26.1 g of carbon x 1mol/12g = 6.159 mol
73.9 g or hydrogen x 1 mol/1g = 73.9 mol
Divide both by 6.159 and you get ..
C = 1 , H = 4.23 ..

The empirical formula is once again CH4 .. And as the rest of the equation unravels, Angus begins to turn back into Agnes again ..

Molar mass / empirical formula mass = small whole number
48.0g/16.0g = 3
Molecular formula = (CH4) x 3 = C3H12

The molecular formula is once again C3H12, but the fortunate thing is that the bears were killed off..
Now Rainbow Dash reappears and Agnes rides him to continue on in the journey to destroy the mole.

(Jeff Yu Day 2 Period 4)
Agnes rides Rainbow Dash across the sky and below the trail of sparkles; she spotted a small yellow cardboard box of cereal on a deserted island. Maybe she was still dizzy from the noxious farts she’s been recently inhaling but she decided to check it out. A closer look and Agnes identified a face on this yellow box, which turned out to be a gross dried up sponge. SPONGEBOB! It was him, in the flesh! He looked gross but smelt fantastic! “Please... help me! I went through that conveniently placed perfume department shop over there.. The lady told me that her sample of cologne was 73.0g in mass, and consisted of 97.26% chlorine and 2.74% hydrogen. If more than 72g of chlorine gets in my body, I won’t...survive.” Agnes dropped to her knees. She wanted to save him but was too scared to find out if he was going to make it. With lots of hesitation she began calculating as it was too close to solve through guessing.
73.0g x 97.26%(0.9726) = 71.0 g Cl He was going to make it! YAY. “I’m going to survive but you must take out the cologne using a magic bottle to suck it out of my body. Calvin Klein is starting to really stink. Figure out the empirical formula and write it on the bottle. Agnes shot a first in the air and was determined!
71.0g Cl / 35.5 g/mol = 2.0 mol Cl
73.0g cologne x 2.74% (0.0274)= 2.00 g H /1.0g/mol = 2.0 mol H
Now she just needed to divide both sides by 2.0 to give her 1 and 1. A 1:1 mole ratio! The empirical formula must be HCl! She wrote it on the bottle that slid out from Spongebob’s tongue and punched it into one of his holes. A colorless liquid appears but some of it spills onto Agnes’s skin. “Ow!” Her MJ impression was spot on, but it was of sheer pain. “You’re a guy again, Agn- I mean, ANGUS! The calvin klein hydrochloric acid triggers your male side!“ Suddenly, he or she or whatever it was now just couldn’t comprehend everything and fainted next to Spongebob.

(David Tan, D2 P4)
The Son o' Chansingh closed the wiki page.

It was starting to get convoluted, as if there were dozens of contributers acting like too many proverbial chefs in the proverbial kitchen.
Also, the name changes and/or mispellings were confusing. Also, some of the entries commented on other entries in a sort of ironic way too often.

The Son remembered something from his past that was sure to both entertain and educate children. He opened up the edit screen and got to work.

Once upon a starry night, in a kingdom far far away, there lived a sultan with no name, who knew the secret of moles. Sadly, the crusaders were getting ever closer to his doorstep. He knew that he had to protect the secret of moles.

One day, the sultan went into his desert laboratory and found The Son making a standard solution. On the board, there was his clearly stated thought process and the steps he went through.

"First off, I knew that my goal was to make 100mL of a sodium carbonate solution with density of 1.0M.
I calculated the molar mass of sodium carbonate or Na2CO3.

Na2 + CO3
=23.0g/mol x 2 + (12.0g/mol + 16.0g/mol x 3)
=46.0g/mol + (12.0g/mol + 48.0g/mol)
=46.0g/mol + 60g/mol

Next, I found the number of moles I needed. 100 mL of 0.1M solution was the same as 0.100L of 0.1mol/L.
So, I multiplied them together:

0.100L x 0.1mol/L

I knew then that I needed 0.0100 moles of the solid, sodium carbonate.
To find the amount of solid I needed, I multiplied the molar mass, 106.0g/mol, by the amount of moles of solid I needed, 0.0100mol.

106.0g/mol x 0.0100mol

Now I had the mass.
Using a surprisingly modern scale - it used weights - I measured 1.06 grams of sodium carbonate into a beaker.
It was only right at this moment that I wondered how I got the beaker. And the sodium carbonate, for that matter.
Ignoring these unnecessarily observant thoughts, I poured water-that I got from the well this morning-into the beaker.
Next, I stirred it until everything had dissolved.
I poured this solution into a volumetric flask (no idea where this one came from either).
I filled up the beaker again and filled up the flask until it got close to the line.
Using a small goat organ, I slowly added water until it reached the line.
I corked the top and mixed it."

The words ended there. It took very long to read that large wall of text. The sultan with no name had spent somewhere between a minute and a day reading it.
The Son had long since escaped through a back exit that lead to the single emergency camel.
Just at that moment, the crusaders broke in, destroyed everything in the lab and killed the sultan.
The secret of moles was lost to everybody... except The Son. Sadly, the secret was not known to humanity until a man named Avogadro discoved the foundation upon which a new house of moles was built.

The Son was satisfied with the way the story came out. Lying on his La-Z-BoyTM, he sighed and reclined, knowing that by merely editing a wiki page, he had done a great justice to society.

Now that this slightly historical nonsense is over, please return to your regularly scheduled nonsense.

(Andrew Enders Day 2 Period 4)
Returning from the truly epic, though crazy and backwards world of The Son via editing, the guy from the island then woke up, but not on an island with Spongebob, but in a strange mechanical room on a table with bright lights shining in his eyes. “Relax,” said a voice, “Your name is Tavish Degroot. You have been frozen for 6.02x1023 years in 177.5kg of carbonate covered by a force field to prevent contact from a 44,800L O2 chamber at STP. This was for a government experiment to create a super-intelligent human. This is why you’ve been having crazy dreams. Now can you tell me the percent composition of what you were frozen in and the number of moles of oxygen in your chamber?”
Tavish quickly calculated in his head, Carbonate has the molecular formula (CO3). One mole of carbon has a mass 12.0g, and one mole of oxygen has a mass of 16.0g, therefore 3mol of oxygen have a mass of 48.0g and one mole of CO3 has a mass of 60.0g! The percent of oxygen is 48.0g/60.0g, which is 80.0%, and the percent of carbon is 12.0g/60.0g, which is 20.0%!
On a side note, he multiplied the percent composition of each of the elements to find the exact mass of the elements he was frozen in: 20.0% times 177.5kg would be 35.5kg of carbon, and 80% times 177.5kg is 142kg of oxygen!
Now to calculate the number of moles of oxygen in the chamber, he knew he simply had to divide by 22.4L. so 44,800L/22.4L=2000mol! That’s a lot!
Tavish then told the mysterious voice. “Good,” the voice said, “good…

(Brandon Tong Day 2 Period 4)

Suddenly the voice appeared before Tavish. A man stepped into the room. "Howdy. The name's Dell Conagher. I like to make things. Such as this compound right here." Dell held up a sample of a compound. "Now Tavish, in this 45g compound, there is 12g of Sodium and 33 g of Potassium. I use this to power my inventions, gesturing to an arsenal of tools along the wall. "Can you tell me the percent composition of this compound?"
Tavish quickly had the answer. He worked a lot with chemistry and was familiar with percent composition. He thought,3.0 g of Sodium and 12.0 g of Potassium. The percent of sodium would be 12g/45g x 100% equaling 27%. The percent of potassium would be 33g/45g equaling 73%.
Dell was impressed. He didn't expect him to get the question. "Okay," he replied, "here's a harder one. In a compound that is 23.2% potassium, 29.8% chlorine, and 47% oxygen, what is the empirical formula?"
Tavish was unfazed. He was even more familiar with empirical formulas, especially for this compound. "So in 100g of this compound there is 23.2g K, 29.8g Cl and 47.0g O. I would convert all these to moles.

23.2g * 1mol/39.1g = 0.593 mol K
29.9g * 1mol/35.5g = 0.842 mol Cl
47.0g * 1mol/16.0g = 2.94 mol O

Now Tavish divided all by the smallest one.
0.593K * 0.842Cl *2 .94O = K 1.4Cl 5O

Multiply all that by 5. 5(K 1.4Cl 5O)= 5K 7Cl 25O

So for this compound has 5mol of Potassium for every 7 mol of Chlorine for every 25mol of Oxygen.

"Great" Dell replied. "I'm going to rest now. You can explore the surrounding area if you like." Tavish eagerly opened the door to explore this new foreign 'world'.

Chris Trang Day 2 Period 4

Tavish began exploring the world he had been put into, fascinated by how the buildings were structured. They were all structured like various cartoon character homes! he thought. Walking past spongebob's pineapple, spongebob was on his way to work. Numbers began to run in front of Tavish's eyes as if his eyes became calculators. The world around him began to change. The world became submerged in water. Tavish was confused.
"WHAT'S HAPPENING!!?" he yelled as loud as he could, but, Spongebob could not hear Tavish yelling. Tavish then decided to follow Sponge bob to work.
"I'm ready, i'm ready, i'm ready" Sponge bob chanted as he skipped merrily along the stone path. Everything seemed to follow in Spongebob's rhythm. The very flower-shaped clouds danced in the sky, the happy barnacles jumped up and down, The sun was singing about the best day ever.
The whole world suddenly froze, Spongebob the scenery and even the wind stopped moving.
Strange was the first word to hop into Tavish's mind, but the world came back to life soon after as if a child replaced the old batteries in his toy robot.
Eventually, Spongebob and Tavish reached the Krusty Krab and spongebob burst through the door with a huge grin on his face and greeted all the customers.
Spongebob then got to his daily tasks, first checking the kitchen for the secret recipe when he yelled "AHHHHH SQUIDWARD!"
Squidward grunted in disgust. "What is it Spongebob?"
Spongebob replied "we're out of the secret ingredient!"
"Then go ask Mr. Krabs for it" Squidward sighed.
Spongebob chuckled. "Great idea squidward"
Spongebob then hopped over to Mr. Krabs' office and began his yelling again.
"AHHHHHHH MISTER KRABS!" Spongebob yelled.
"What is it lad?!" Mr Krabs said in response.
"Listen boy, I'm only going to tell you how to make it one more time" Mr Krabs lectured.
Tavish suddenly was teleported to where Mr. Krabs was standing and continued the lecture.

"The secret sauce is created from mixing the things in different states of matter until it becomes what we call the secret sauce.
1st we have C4H8Cl2S, our very tasty mustard added into this mixture. we have 1.00 litre of this gas at SATP, which means that we would have 1/24.8 mols or 0.0403 mols of this.
Second, we add 1mL of our magic liquid, HCN, this is extremely important that we have 1 mol of this so we have a molarity of 1/0.001 or a molarity of 1000.

Lastly, we have the solid catalyst that binds them together, nitrogen. We need to have 1 kg of this substance which means that the amount of mols we require is 1000/14 moles or 71.43 mols.
We then need to prepare the patty for the secret ingredient. The patty is formed of arsenic and oxygen so we must first determine the ratio of moles between arsenic and oxygen. We do this by mixing the oxygen with arsenic and finding the amount of substance after the reaction. Here we have 19.78g before the reaction and we now have 14.98g, so
19.78-14.98 = 4.8 g
14.98/74.9 = 0.2 mols
4.8/16 = 0.3 mols
we have a 2:3 ratio of mols meaning the compound we will use is As2O3.

Are you writing this down boy?!" Mr Krabs yelled.
"I'm finished!" spongebob replied. Spongebob brought in a delicious looking patty, good-looking enough to make you go savage. Mr Krabs ordered him to back to the kitchen as Tavish started to fade into existence, this time as a customer.
Tavish said to squidward "H.U.E.H.U.E."
Squidward replied...

(Corey Lee D2 - P4)

"Young man? Young man are you ok?"

On a cold, grey day in April, a man wearing a beige suit was sleeping on a park bench as he waited for the bus to arrive.
Tavish Degroot woke with a yawn and opened his eyes. Startled by the loud noise of an engine, he watched helplessly as the last bus to Mongolia from Vancouver left.

Looking up into the sky, he could see a feather, white as snow, as it drifted and twirled in the air before alighting on the pavement before him. Picking it up, he turned it over a few times, to have a better look. For some reason, he felt it deep inside of him to keep this feather. Beside him lay his suitcase.

He turned toward the old and weathered lady sitting beside him and sighed. Recounting the story he told to the old lady about the Mighty Mole and all its spin-offs, he realized that he must have been asleep for only a short time, dreaming a really weird dream. The sun was still visible in the sky, and its position was barely changed.

“Well, that’s all I have to say about that.”
“That was quite a long and incredible story young man, but that whole ramble about that Mighty Mole made no sense to me at all! I’m surprised those stories were even related by a shred! What kind of book did you say you were writing?”
Tavish ignored that.
“My momma always said: life is like a box chocolates, you never know what you gone get.”
“How true.”
“Mmhm. Did I tell you my own story of when I went to the war in Vietnam?”
“No, but I don’t really want to hear-”

“It was a hot day in early ’68 when we were walking along a dirt path in the jungle. Our company walked single file. I was second. That’s when I noticed a very suspicious sight right in front of us. A circular pile of leaves, twigs and branches lay across the dirt path covering a deep pit. In front of the pile stood a wooden plank nailed to a wooden rod – it was a sign. As we got closer, I could make out what it said “We have duh road brocked. Walk ovah duh pile of leaves and you die!!! Just to let you know, der is duh Sulfuric acid in duh pit undah duh leaves – 1,000,000g”

Fortunately, I was trained for this situation by drill sergeant Sonachansingh and I was prepared to call in a special helicopter for our needs, with enough sodium hydroxide to counter this. Sulfuric acid is H2SO4 and sodium hydroxide is NaOH.

The balanced formula was: H2SO4 + 2NaOH -> Na2SO4 + 2H2O, a double replacement reaction. According to the formula I needed 2 moles of Sodium Hydroxide to Sulfuric Acid. The molar mass of the acid was 98.079 g/mol, while the base was 39.997 g/mol.
1,000,000g x (1 H2SO4/98.079g/mol) = 10196 moles of H2SO4
10196 x 2 = 20392 moles of NaOH
20392mol x 39.997g/mol = 815,620g of NaOH
I radioed in a helicopter to our position with 815,620g of NaOH to neutralize the acid. However the helicopter was reportedly shot down by an RPG and we just walked around the pit instead.”

Taking a sideways glance, he realized he old lady was gone. It was almost night now, and getting dark and cold. But then a thought struck him. He wasn’t going to Mongolia today! He was going next week!

Tavish Degroot felt silly after all that. Picking up his suitcase, he started to whistle as he walked back home.

(Leo Huang D2- P4)

The day had finally come, the call of Mongolia was beckoning. Away from the fantasies that had previously come into contact with his mind, Tavish began to focus in on the Barren desert that was to await him. As he boarded the SkyBus that would take him to this distant land, he had the odd feeling that not all was as it should be. Nevertheless, he shrugged off the feeling and sat down on his seat, prepared to doze off while the bus made its ascent. All was well in the air, as monotonous as usual he proclaimed. There was one peculiar person on the flight though, the fellow sitting beside him would frequently head to the lavatories for absurdly long periods of time. As if it were by chance, Tavish had to "do his business", while the strange man was occupying the lavatory. , he barged in the door while the strange man was still inside. In what was most likely the most disturbing picture Tavish had ever seen, he could only stare in shock and awe. The man was creating an explosive! As Tavish returned to reality after the initial shock, he knew he had to act. However, before he could do anything, the strange man began with maniacal laughter! He began to speak to Tavish about his absurd plan. "I am completely irrational and I want to create an explosive just for the sake of it! I will now tell you what i am doing! Asking for two cups of water instead of one everytime the flight attendants came around has allowed me to produce 3 Litres of Urine! I also somehow was allowed to bring in a gas lighter aboard this vessel, so much for improved security! Using the lighter, i was able to isolate a substance from the pee! By evaporation the water that composed 95% of my pee is now gone!. I am now left with 150ml of substance.

"This remaining constituent may not be pure Urea, but i'm making a bomb so why should I care?"
I can take this Urea, which is (NH2)2CO and mix it with Nitric Acid, which is HNO3(aq). I will then create Urea Nitrate which is (NH2)2COHNO3! HNO3 has a molar mass of 2 + 14 + 3(16)=64g/mol. (NH2)2CO has a molar mass of 2(14) + 2(1x2) + 12 + 16=60g/mol
Giving me a total molar mass of 124g/mol!
Since i have 150ml of urea, and i know that urea has a density of 1.32g/mL. Which equates to 1.32g/ml x150ml= 198 g of Urea!

Urea has a molar mass of 60g/mol, so I will now do the following calculation!.

198 g X 1mol/60g= 198mol/60 = 3.3! there are 3.3 Mols of Urea!

I now need to measure out how much Nitric Acid I need! HNO3's molar mass is 64g/mol. Since Urea and Nitric Acid combine on a 1:1 ratio, i need 3.3 mols of HNO3. 3.3 mols x 64g/mol= 3.3(64g)= 211.2g of Nitric Acid. the density of Nitric Acid is 1.42g/ml, so 211.2g x 1ml/1.42g= 211.2ml/1.42= 150ml of nitric acid!

If that doesn't work, I've also taken the liberty of sneaking aboard 0.25 mol of Hydrogen gas, to be lit and blow everyone to smithereens! If you didn't know, 0.25 mol of Hydrogen gas at SATP (Standard Ambient Temperature + Pressure), which is what this cabin happens to be at (25 Celsius) 1 mol per 24.8L of gas. So using 0.25 mol x 24.8l/mol, you will find out that I have 6.2 L of Hydrogen with me! Using the balanced equation of 2H2 + O2 (as both are diatomic gases) = 2H2O. That is a 2(Hydrogen):1(Oxygen) ratio! That means 0.125 mol, 7.53 x 10^22 particles, (3.1 L) of Oxygen will blow us up!

Having enough of this boring blabber, Tavish took some sodium hydroxide (NaOH) and doused the Nitric Acid with it before the quite insane man could go and conjure up his bomb.
(Reaction with Double Replacement)
NaOH + HNO3= NaNO3 + H2O.
which had a total of 23 + 14 + 3(16) + 2(1) + 16= 103g/mol
The Sodium Hydroxide had a molar mass of 23 + 16 + 1 = 40g/mol
There was a total of 211.2g of nitric acid, so (211.2/40) 5.28 mols of sodium hydroxide were wasted on the silly man.

The crazed man screamed in agony, and soon everyone took notice of the events that transpired. He was quickly apprehended and the SkyBus landed at Singapore Changi Airport. The crazed man was never seen again and some say the Singaporean justice system made him "disappear". Tavish received commendments of the highest honor for his actions, yet he was not happy. He still was unable to reach the elusive land of Mongolia he dreamed of reaching.

Grace Lin Day 2-4

After arriving to the Singapore Changi Airport, Tavish had a sudden crave for sushi and ramen so he hopped on the Yellow Submarine to go to Japan. Inside the sub, the peaceful rocking caused his eyelids to droop until he was transported to the world of SpongeBob SquarePants….

Ohhhh, who lives in a pineapple under the sea? SpongeBob SquarePants!
“AHAHAHA! Oh look at the time. I was supposed to meet Patrick (the starfish) to catch some jellyfish!” SpongeBob exclaimed to his pet Gary the seasnail.
“Meow….” Gary yawned quietly in response.
SpongeBob quickly got dressed and raced out the door of his pineapple house. In 6.02×10^23 yoctoseconds (10^-24 seconds), he reached Patrick’s rock house.
“Patrick!!! Wake up! It’s time for our jellyfish-catching practice!” SpongeBob hollered so loudly that Squidward, the neighbour next door threw a shoe out the window, and conked him with perfect aim. “Ouch! That hurt! Hey Patrick, come out here and help me!” SpongeBob yelled at his best buddy’s house, which resulted in nearly getting knocked out by a box that flew out of Squidward’s window.
“Huh? Oh, let’s carry this and throw it at
his window!” Patrick, who was still in his pyjamas, suggested, pointing to the rock beside him.
“Patrick, we can’t throw that! It’s your house! Where are you going to live if we throw it into Squidward’s house?” SpongeBob questioned his clueless friend.
“Uhhh… I can bunk with you!” Patrick grinned, satisfied with his superbly intelligent solution.
“Do you even know what that rock is made out of?” SpongeBob sighed, regretting his decision to ask his buddy for help.
“Mr. Krabs said that it was made out of money!” Patrick said, confused.
SpongeBob shook his head and explained, “It’s 1.000kg of granite, and has 25% quartz.”
“So how much is there?” Patrick asked, clearly perturbed by the concept.
“Well, if I did it mathematically it would look like this:
% quartz = mass of quartz in sample/mass of sample × 100%
25%/100% = mass of quartz in sample/1000.g
0.25×1000.g = mass of quartz
250.0g = mass of quartz
So there’d be 250.0g of quartz in your rock,” SpongeBob sketched his calculations in the sand.
“I don’t get it…. What’s quartz?” Patrick stared with intense concentration at the numbers on the sea floor.
“Quartz is SiO2, or silicon dioxide,” SpongeBob started to get impatient, “so can we throw the rock already?”
“I still don’t get it! How much silicon and oxygen is in my rock house?” Patrick asked, still trying to interpret the calculations.
“See, the ratio of silicon to oxygen is 1:2. The molar mass of silicon is 28.1g/mol and the molar mass of oxygen is 16.0g/mol. Then, you’d calculate the masses like this:
Molar mass or SiO2 = 28.1 + 2(16.0) = 60.1g/mol
Mass of silicon = 250.0g SiO2×(1mol SiO2/60.1g SiO2)×(1mol Si/1mol SiO2)×(28.1g Si/1mol Si) =116.9g Si
Mass of oxygen=250.0g SiO2×(1mol SiO2/60.1g SiO2)×(2mol O/1mol SiO2) ×(16.0g O/1mol O)=133.1g O
Yeah, there would be 116.9g of silicon and 133.1g of oxygen,” SpongeBob muttered to himself.
“Okay, I give up,” Patrick put his hands up in surrender before he started to look cross-eyed at the numbers.
Up in his room, Squidward sighed happily, "Finally, I can sleep peacefully."
“No, you don’t! You’re going to pay for hitting me in the head!!!” SpongeBob screamed as he pelted Squidward’s house with Krabby Patties….

Tavish jerked awake because somebody seemed to be throwing objects at him. With a glance, he saw that his roommate in the submarine was whacking pillows at his face.
“Wake up already! How long can you be dreaming?! We’re already at Japan!” his roommate yelled in his ear.
Tavish cringed as the sound that left his ears ringing. Only curiosity about his upcoming adventures of the sushi-and-ramen eating contest motivated him to get out of his bed and continue his journey learning more about the Mighty Mole, even in his unusual dream.

Leon Yu Day 2 Period 2

After Tavish got out of the submarine, he was dazzled by the sunlight, not used to it after being in the submarine underwater for so long. When his vision came back, he was astonished at the amount of people that were roaming the city of Tokyo. Tavish asked his friend, "Wow this is a lot of people, I don't understand how this amount of people could fit on this little island". Tavish's friend replies, "You think this is a huge amount? Remember what I told you how much was in a mole?". Tavish says "of course I remember, a mole of any substance is 6.04 x 10^23, which is Avagadro's number named after the scientist Amedeo Avagadro.". Tavish adds, "if the amount of people in Japan could be compared to a mole, it would be 128,000,000 / (6.02 X 10^23), which is 2.13 X 10^-16. Tavish's friend says "Thats a lot of zeroes behind that decimal, I am amazed that there is that amount of particles in 1 mole of any substance.". Tavish, "Lets talk more about this later, I wanna go to the sushi-and-ramen eating contest, if we dont start going now we might be late!".

After an hour ride in a taxi, through the congested streets of tokyo, the two friends arrive at their destination, Touto Tower, the place where the sushi-and-ramen eating contest was held. They called the elevator and went to the top of the tower, but during the elevator ride, the elevator lost power. They were stuck for 10 minutes and when it finally worked again, they needed another 5 minutes to get up. When they arrived, they saw that no one was there. Tavish just said that they must have been early, but in actual fact they were several minutes late. They spotted outside of the viewing windows that there were several news helicopters outside. They thought that it was strange and started walking around, suddenly they were attacked from behind! 3 men in ski masks were holding the two friends down, rendering them helpless. The strange men then asked what were the two boys doing here. Tavish answered "We came here for the eating contest that was supposed to be held here". One of the strange men answered, " We already got the $100,000,000 for releasing the hostages, if they find out your here they will think that we lied to them and will storm in on us. Sorry but we need to dispose of you two". Tavish was horrified that they wound up in this situation against these terrorists, but he couldn't escape because they outnumbered them. One of the terrorists took out a little bottle of a substance and gave it to Tavish's friend. Tavish caught the label and saw : CN- 13 mL. From the label and the subtle scent of almonds, Tavish deducted that this was cyanide. Tavish knew he needed to act fast if he wanted to save his friend from being killed. Tavish knew from experience that glucose counter acts the effects of the cyanide. He quickly did some calculations in his head, thinking about the amount of sugar needed. He knew that for every mole of cyanide he would need 2 moles of sugar to counter it. Tavish remebered the formula for sugar is C6H12O6, which adds up to 180g/mol. He also quickly calculated that CN is 26 g/mol. Because the terrorists gave his friend 13 mL of the cyanide, which is (13/26)half of a mole, he would need 180 g of sugar. He scoured around quickly and found packets of sugar that were 50 g each packet. He quickly grabbed 4, which was just a little above enough, and gave it to his friend. Because of Tavish's quick actions he was barely saved, but needed to get him to a hospital quickly. The terrorists saw the heroic act, and decided to lock the two friends up on this floor, set up a bomb. This was to put the blame on the 2 kids while they walked out pretending to be innocent civilians. The bomb was not too high tech of a bomb, The terrorists just set up some black powder with 1 mole C7H4O (charcoal), to 4 moles of KNO3.(saltpeter). Of course though, they had to make it in a huge amount to successfully blow this whole tower (and us up), so they mixed in total 1040g (10 moles) of charcoal, and (101.1 X 40) 4044 g of saltpeter. They then dumped the black powder mixture in a fish tank filled with afew litres of water and put it over a burner. One of them said, "once the heat from the burner evaporates the water, it will ignite the black powder and blow all of you up. Even if they find you, your body will be too damaged to be identified, so the case would be closed". The terrorists left through the elevator and left Tavish and his friend there. Tavish now had his hands tied behind his back unable to do anything. Right when he thought all hope was lost his friend used the last of his strength to speed dial the police. Since tavish could only talk, he told the police that they should arrest the next 3 people to come down and save Tavish and his friend. The police came just in time and removed the bomb. Tavish's friend was rushed to a hospital, but after the surgery was said to be in stable condition because of Tavish's quick thinking. The next day they set off, unknowing where they will go.

Despite the gullibility of the Chemistry 11 students, who believed some of the most outrageous conspiracy theories, they still managed to understand the Mole Concept with some proficiency! It was now time to start putting this new found knowledge to good use. In order to allow solids to react, the students had to dissolve them into aqueous solutions, which required a bit of calculating and planning. They got to work ...//